Seedlings Durian Tree Disease Nor Adults Dangerous

Hidroponik ,The disease is most feared by farmers plant anything. No exception durian farmers. Disease can attack the plant durian indeed at any time without the durian growers know.

When farmers find durian durian disease, you should not panic. Because, when farmers do not panic then durian durian farmer can control the disease properly and accurately. It will cause plant diseases to become ill.

Or even a severe attack can cause the plant be dead. To overcome this, one way is by exterminating fungi, bacteria, or other causes of this disease quickly and accurately.

Seedlings Durian Tree Disease Nor Adults Dangerous

Seedlings Durian Tree Disease Nor Adults Dangerous

Diseases that often attack durian species is not only one. But there are so many types of diseases that often attack durian. Several types of disease that often attacks the plant durian are as follows.

Seedlings Durian Tree Disease Nor Adults Dangerous
The characteristics of the fungus attack this one is a durian long kelama will experience decay. The cause of this disease is actually aad lot. However, the main cause of this disease is a fungus.

Fungi that attack plants was not the kind of mushrooms, but there are so many mushrooms that can be the cause of disease ini.Simak also Agribusiness Durian Durian Varieties and Species of Excellence

To perform preventive way is to do a proper post-harvest handling. Doing proper postharvest handling and it really was a thing to watch because of health concerns as well as the production of durian.

Cancer Durian tree trunk

The cause of the disease is a fungus called stem Phytophora palmivora. Usually, these fungi survive in the soil.

Cancer stem will be getting worse if the attack is done during the rainy season. Number of parts of plants that are attacked become multiply.

Examples such as the roots, stems, and the leaves. The symptoms caused by the cancer stem disease is the presence of damp patches on the bark near the ground.

The wet patches will gradually turn into sores wet slime merah.Baca also harvest Durian In the courtyard house How Months

If not quickly controlled, the disease can lead to cancer stem rot and the plants become over time the plants become dead.

To control the cancer stem way is to prune the plants are diseased stem cancer. After that, of these plants can be burned directly in order not contagious other plants.

Meanwhile, to make the prevention of cancer stem how there are so many. How to prevent cancer stem is as follows.

Garden sanitation can be done.
Plant a tree in accordance with a fairly wide range.
Fix the system ddrainase gardens, so that the flow of water can flow properly.
Durian can be immersed in a liquid fungsida according to the dose before being stored.
This is the Durian Tree Seedling Diseases Dangerous Nor Adults may be helpful and relevant bermanfaat.Tulisan Handling Process Harvest and Post Harvest Corn

powered by Custom search Example 6 Unique Design Small Apartment

Many people who live in small apartments, therefore we feel it is important to discuss the design of small apartments . People who live in apartments have a variety of reasons, one of which is the need to live in a big city.

Of course there are many pros and cons about staying in the apartment. Dimensions small apartment that will not make you bored if you organize and design the space into rooms you like. Apartment interior design

Small Apartment Design

There are many design small apartment that you can use for your apartment. Maybe some of you will think about how to make your room to be more spacious. The right design can help you in making the room look more cramped become widespread.

Well, here we present a variety of designs for the apartment’s small dimension. You can use a variety of image that we present to you an example design of small apartments. You can see pictures and read reviews. To view it, please see the following picture. This is it.

Pictured above is just one example of the design of small apartments. To anticipate the narrow room, you must not use the sofa, but you could use a rug to sit in the family room. TV on the wall will streamline the room that feels more spacious. In addition to the picture above, see also the next image below.

Nan Unique Design Small Apartment

Pictured above is also an example of decorating design small apartment unique. Look at the bed above, unique is not it? Each apartment gap can be utilized. You might be able to dig your own ideas to get a unique design. Besides the two pictures above, please also see our picture gallery as a whole. Please see the following picture. This is it.

Those are some pictures that we can present to you. Hopefully diverse picture above can inspire you in decorating design for an apartment with a narrow dimension. In addition to design small apartment above the gallery, see also reviews the design of the house we were more like Inspiration Model Home Newest ladder .

surprising benefits for healthy eating celery

Green leafy vegetables are always good for health.One is celery. Both the leaves, stems, or roots of celery save a lot of health benefits.

10 surprising benefits for healthy eating celery

In addition, known as enhancer aroma of cooking vegetables, celery is also known as a medicinal plant. Here are the health benefits of celery as reported from.

  • Celery is a good source of vitamin A and iron such as iron, potassium, and minerals.
  • Many of the vegetables that will lose the vitamins after cooking. But celery is different. Celery vitamin content will remain intact as much as 80% although it has been cooked.
  • Celery is useful for athletes, because the nutrients celery can replace electrolytes lost body fluids.
  • If you feel hot because of the sun, you can cool down with celery juice.
  • Celery can reduce your desire to eat sweet foods and food that can make your body weight increases.
  • Celery can lower blood pressure and keep your kidneys are still functioning properly.
  • Celery prevents the formation of stones in the gall bladder and it can also keep you from constipation.
  • Celery is also good to keep you from stomach cancer.
  • Celery will calm your nervous system and can also control high blood pressure.
  • Celery root is effective in restoring your lost appetite.

Although small, it turns celery have many benefits for your health. Do not hesitate to eat celery for your health.

Challenges Preparing Food For Jemaah Haji Current Peak

Hundreds of thousands of Indonesian pilgrims will gather at the same time and place as the top-Hajj Arafah, Muzdalifah Mina (Armina). Be a challenge for companies catering to face it.

A total of 18 companies caterers who is the creator of the assembly Indonesia consumption when Armina. They will serve from September 8 until September 13. umroh murah pekanbaru their readiness will be checked one by one, starting from raw materials to equipment.

Hasil gambar untuk Cara menjaga kesehatan saat travel umroh

On Sunday (28/08/2016), the group supervisor catering led by Head of the Catering Committee for Hajj (PIH) Saudi Arabia Elmiyati Masyhuri visited several companies, among which are Isom Fathoni (Al Jawi) and Tasneem.

“Praise of the two companies is that we see seems ready to carry out the service later consumption Arafah and Mina,” said Elmi.

Together with the team from Bandung Tourism College, Elmi examine in detail the completeness of the equipment and everything that is supportive to the needs of the congregation catering. The issue of nutrition standards also be in the spotlight.
Photo: Rachmadin Ismail / AFP

To note, the manufacture of catering in Arafah and Mina have differences with boarding. When the congregation who lived in quarters received catering from kitchen permanent production at the company, it is specific to Armina, kitchen near the tents of the assembly.

Even for Arafat, who used the kitchen should not be using flame from a gas or other materials, in addition to firewood. So that the ripening process was a challenge in itself. While in Mina, is still allowed to use the modern kitchen.

To ensure the service remains the maximum, the catering team to recruit about 104 seasonal workers are employed to supervise the distribution of food. There is also a team of supervisors in maktab. Their job is to make sure there is no delay in the delivery of food in the tent Arafah and Mina.

“The issue (of last year) is much about the delay. Perhaps because the means. Last year it was because there was a collapsed tent which makes the delay because they do not have to evacuate at one maktab. So, one maktab split into several places so it would slow down, “he explained.

Husni Husain, owner of the catering company Tasneem, adding, it has been preparing since September 2 or 8 days before the peak of the haj. He targeted, on September 5, all of the transportation of goods to the Arafat has been completed.

For the production, Tasneem quota to serve about 9,000 people per meal. Total pilgrims will get 15 meals during the Armina and a snack when mabit in Muzdalifah.
Photo: RACHMAD Ismail / AFP

“So 16 times in total. Alhamdulillah equipment and raw materials were prepared so nearly 85 percent, the rest directly from the location we bring Arafat to Mina, “said the man from Central Lombok.

Tasneem was founded 25 years ago. Besides catering business, Husni also be a restaurant owner Tasneem in Zam Zam Tower Haram with a special menu Indonesia.

How to Compare Data Traffic in Google Analytics

What is the percentage increase or decrease in your blog traffic from the previous month? Of course, the answer you will get if you compare the data traffic of the blog. Comparison of these data will be easier if you use traffic data from Google Analytics. Here is a step by step compares the traffic data in Google Analytics. kursus website bekasi

Hasil gambar untuk Cara menambah pengunjung website

1. Log in to Google Analytics using addresses and passwords of Gmail. If you do not already have a Google Analytics, please see my previous post on how to enroll in Google’s free tool .

2. You’ll see Google Analytics consisting of Home , Reporting , Customization , and Admin (if the language used is English). Traffic data which appear on pages Home form of data traffic in the last 30 days. Examples of the range of the time is January 24, 2015 – February 23, 2015.

3. Select the blog you want to compare is by clicking the link All Web Site Data (All Data Website). For example, all data website (Dukar) below.

cloths data

4. You will see your blog traffic reports concerned in the last 30 days. Example:

traffic data of the last 30 days

5. Click the date range and then select a date range ( Date Range ) that you want. In this tutorial, I chose the date of 1 till January 31, 2015.

a range of dates in January 2015

6. Click the box next Compare to then choose Previous period to compare the data traffic with the previous period. In this example, the data traffic in January compared to the traffic data of the previous period, ie December 2014, automatically, all dated in December 2014 will be selected (characterized by orange color block).

7. Click the Apply button so that it appears a comparison chart with two different colors (blue and orange). In addition, features other data will also be compared characterized by a percentage. The percentage of green color indicates an increase, while the percentage of red opposite.

comparison chart

8. To eliminate the comparison of data traffic, click the box next back Compare to .

As you can see, comparing the data traffic in Google Analytics is very easy. You just choose the desired date range and compared with the previous period. Good luck

Preventing Aging Skin With Cream Manggis

Already changed cream leather many times but still did not get satisfactory results? One thing you need to know the ladies that not all the beauty products that fit on each – each person. Included also is not necessarily suit you.

prevent aging-skin-with-cream-mangosteen-natural

Preventing Aging Skin With Cream Manggis
Preventing Aging Skin With Cream Manggis
Not to mention the side effects when it does not fit. These side effects can indeed be found for the current skin cream products contain ingredients – mix ingredients in it is not a pure natural ingredients only.

Not to mention that there are effects that can lead to premature aging. Who would want that? Therefore ladies, rather than mubadzir and waste – waste of money just to buy a skin cream, you should try to make their own skin cream at home by utilizing the mangosteen . Here is information about mangosteen cream for you!

How to Make Cream Manggis To Prevent Skin Aging

You deign to make mangosteen cream to prevent skin aging? Easy to know to make it yourself than you should buy the product so expensive.

So, what ingredients should be prepared to make a cream product mangosteen? You need to prepare is the mangosteen fruit and honey or olive oil. Then mixed. If necessary you can also add the yogurt as a complement to your mangosteen cream.

The mangosteen fruit can be beneficial for the skin as well as mangosteen rind. In the mangosteen peel contains the most antioxidants compared with fruits – other fruits. The benefits of mangosteen peel is that it can increase energy, stamina, and can also increase your body’s resistance. You will also be youthful by using this mangosteen cream.

It is known that in fact in one kilo of mangosteen can make two bottles of face cream. Than you have to go to a doctor to buy cream mangosteen likely price sektar 150 thousand, why do not you make yourself at home?

So little information that this time we can give to you about How to Make Cream Manggis To Prevent Skin Aging. Hopefully the information I provided above is useful.

6 Features of Worship Umrah

Ibadah Umrah be an alternative option for those who have not had the opportunity pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Especially for the people of Indonesia. The quota system makes the line go hajj long enough.

Although not the main, not less privileged Umrah with Hajj. To better understand, following umroh murah depok provide comments regarding Umrah privileges.

1. Worship Umrah to Umrah next one is Kaffaroh or sin.

Allah will remove our sins in the implementation Umrah to Umrah next one. Simply put it this way, when 5 or 10 years ago we’ve Umrah, have another chance next year to perform Umrah, then the sins between Umrah time will be forgiven of Allah SWT.

2. Umrah is jihad for women and the weak.

The mothers and women in general, as well as those who are weak physically at the time ofthe Prophet Muhammad , could not join the jihad or war. But they still get fadillah wage jihad by performing Umrah.

3. Umrah Pilgrims are the guests of God answered her prayer

Hajj and Umrah to be special because the people who come to the Holy Land for pilgrimage were living God. That’s called and indeed the Prophet mentioned that. Pilgrim is the guest of Allah so that what is asked of the guests will be granted by Him. This is the most special privileges.

4. Death while running Umrah reward recorded until doomsday.

Preference those who died on the way to perform the Hajj and Umrah, and the priority of people who died in a state of Ihram (in the middle of the Hajj and Umrah) is an award wages recorded until doomsday. Everything is clearly stated in the hadith.

5. Worship Umrah can get rid of poverty.

When we see our brothers who after returning from the Hajj or Umrah it looks better life, sustenance and their families continue to grow blessing, that’s one of the fadillah worship. All costs used to set off the Haj and Umrah will be replaced by Allah with folds.

6. Fadillah Umrah reward one with two cycles of prayer in Masjid Quba.

Prayer in Masjid Quba has its own virtues. According to the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad are narrated by Abu bin Sahl bin Hunaif RA, he heard the Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever ablution in his house, then went to the Masjid Quba, then he prayed in it, his reward is like the reward Umrah”. (HR. Tirmidhi no. 298, Ibn Majah no. 1401)

Quba Mosque is located outside the city of Medina. So, given fadillah prayers at Masjid Quba very large, so if we’ve been in Madinah in order to worship Umrah or Hajj, do not forget to pray in Masjid Quba.

Step How To Make A Website Login Page / rank first in Google

There are four points that must be optimized so that our blog can be a champion, the themes and domains, templates, articles and links. Each of these need treatment itself gradually to be maximized and it starts when you first build a site which we will develop,

starting from choosing the theme and the name has been obliged to consider what is the most appropriate or in accordance with the rules of SEO of the Master, the following explanation: jasa pembuatan website toko online

how to blog entry page one google

1. Theme and Domain

Everyone is required to determine what themes will be focused on the website every time you want to start making, is due to focus on one keyword is much better than to bring up the blog with keywords diverse because it is definitely going to compete with that just dwell on keywords that -That is all.

Therefore, make sure you know how to use Google Adwodrs Keyword Planner which is its function as a tool to analyze what keywords are searched on Google each month, because there is no means to create a website enter the first page on google if it turns out the themes discussed nothing seek or need. Strongly recommended find the quest at least 5000 times in a month.

  • Choosing Domain – Having decided upon the theme of the blog that fits, and try the next record when creating a website address or domain to be purchased any semblance of a theme or at least do not include the word of the theme. The point is this, say the theme is about “how to create a blog ‘, nah try later on a domain is the word or some of them, for example and others. This function is so easy to read google relevancy between the domain and the discussion in your website which would impact on its position in the search engines. And since this theme takes a detailed explanation, for it Caraspot review it on the following page: .
  • .com – About How to Buy .com domain that we have discussed, though not a major factor in your blog or website on the first page of Google but it may give little effect, especially now that many of the issues that arise among bloggers that TLD (Top Level domain) affect the position of divulging blog articles in the search. In addition, the trust blog visitors will be higher than using the free ones are now a lot of encounter that provide tutorials that are not qualified.

2.  Template

This section has been entered on the layout and look of the website that we wake up, but make no mistake that this is also the most important part that must be taken to ensure that our website is ranking 1st in google, especially looks simple and has a loading speed of no more than 5 seconds each times in access, but for more details need to be explained one by one:

Because generally the default template or theme unattractive and SEO Friendly then ever read this:

a.  Edit Script-nya

The script here is the code that runs the template and from here Google to read the content of your blog, the according to the way it works it will be more easily readable. Here are some that should be so setup:

  1. Ensure equipped with Title Tag . For blog wordpress plugin usually stay put like SEO by Yoast , but for blogspot users can directly apply the settings by going to the Dashboard >> Settings >> Basic >> and set its title . Next, in the After Search Preferences >> >> Turn Description(simply enable and clear the course because of the above is set description).
  2. Meta description should not be not covered by the template. Once again, to please use Yoast WordPress, but for those who wear blogger then simply make arrangements light on the dashboard and when writing the article. How, go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Basic >> then set Deskripsi- her. Next, in the After Search Preferences >> >> Turn Description (simply enable and clear the course because of the above is set description).
  3. Available setting structure heading the good, ranging from H1, H2, H3, H4, and so on. If in blogspot try in the article title and in the back-Bold and select Heading 2 on the toolbar at the top (click the little arrow near the posts danda ‘Paragraph “). and if there are subtitles Heading further then use again later, namely Heading 3 and so on.
  4. Not to be forgotten, there must be a feature ” Related Articles ” or ” Related Posts ” at the bottom of each article selected for this function to reduce Bounce Rate (the percentage of people who leave our blog so had read one article, without reading another article). If you do not want to bother preferably before decided to use a template then choose which is already equipped ‘weapon’ because otherwise will affect traffic, because Google is not happy with the web is the number of bounce rate is too high, and generally will be punished in the form of a decrease in SERP (Search Engine Rank Page).
  5. There is a system of ” breadcrumbs ” in it to make it easier to identify structures within the Google blog, you can see at the top of the article title when opening a blog article and will appear like this: Home >> Blogging >> How to create a blog.
  6. Further reading:

How to Eliminate Smelly Shoes

Odor occurs naturally in the shoe, is due to damp conditions, and lack of air circulation, but the odor is caused by the shoes could be prevented by following a few tips.

deodorize shoes

• Clean shoes once a week, can wash or sufficiently cleaned from dust and dirt. After the completion of the cleaning, then winds in the open air before storing shoes back in the box. Never hang the shoes under direct sunlight, as it causes fading damaged shoes and make it fast.

• Spray disinfectant or shoe deodorizer into the hole shoes, it aims to kill bacteria lodged in the shoe and cause odor.

• If you often sweaty feet, use powder on the feet before wearing socks and shoes. Powder is useful to keep feet dry longer.

• Do not use the shoes when the shoes are wet or in a state of sweaty feet.

• Baking soda can be used to overcome the smell of the shoes, how to pour the baking soda into the shoes at night, the next day you stay to clean the baking soda powder and foot odor will disappear. Or it could also use baby powder instead of baking soda.

• Provide air circulation for the shoes you how to release the entire shoelace and then remove footwear for aerated

• Do not use the same shoes within a period of 3 days in a row

• Wash socks using disinfectant products, by keeping the socks can reduce the appearance of odors on shoes

• Do not forget to use the socks before putting on shoes, shoes wrapped feet will sweat, if you use socks especially cotton, so sweat on your feet will be quickly absorbed

• Spray alcohol into the shoes, to eliminate the bacteria lodged in the shoe

• Do not forget to consider this shoe storage area, place the shoes in an open area with good air circulation, and avoid direct sunlight.

It would be better if you have more shoes than one pair of shoes. Do not forget to change socks every day. Thus quick tips on how to eliminate shoe odor that is useful to you all.

Clash of Clans Direct – Town Hall 9 Upgrade

At Town Hall 9 in Battle of Families, the recommended order where update and to construct buildings changes radically. While preceding upgrade orders tended to concentrate on enhancing strength that is attacking as a primary goal and defensive strength as a secondary goal, this can be not the situation at Town Hall 9.

The reason behind this change is twofold. First, new constructions offered by Town Hall 9 and many upgrades are hardly cheap. Lots of times you are going to be better of just getting so that you can keep your builders active what you are able, rather than trying to save resources for the “finest upgrade that is ”.

The second reason for upgrade precedence that are shifting is because of the fact that substantially more powerful militaries and players will attack you than at Town Hall 8. High level TH9 and TH10 players will assault you with high regularity (even with the open Town Hall) if you get close to the resource limit (which merely needs about 3 million gold/elixir or ~20,000 Dark Elixir). Given that most upgrades are more expensive in relation to the resource limit, you get if your defense isn’t up to par hit hard all the time.


TH9 High Priority Task List
This can be a rough guideline for the best way to update your foundation at Town Hall 9 COC HACK, as stated earlier. According to resource restraints, when updating or pause briefly while you collect additional resources you may have to go out of order.

Contractor 1. Lab –> Bout Factory
The first contractor should begin updating the Lab as a top priority. The most significant upgrade to begin as soon is this finishes is Barbarian degree 6. It’s only more expensive than many of the other upgrades, but additionally, it results in a solid increase in the Barbarian’s stats. Given the greatest means to farm at early TH9 is via Archers and Barbarians, getting degree 6 Barbarians fast is invaluable.

You may have to undertake several raids between beginning the upgrade on the Spell Factory given the high Elixir price of both things and beginning the research on Barbarians degree 6. When there is something little it is possible to update in between (such as among the new towers), just do it and stick it in here so that you can keep your contractors inhabited.