Bear Birthday Themes

Birthday party themes are very popular nowadays. It seems that this option has made it easier for parents as well as planners since they would only consider ideas that evolve around the chosen theme. This would narrow down the concept for brainstorming and make it easier for them to come up with plans related to games, food, invitation, decoration, and other aspects of the party that are associated with a single theme. Now, if you are thinking of a nice theme, why not consider looking into bear birthday themes? You can come up with creative ideas that will make the party more enjoyable and memorable for both the celebrant and guests.

Teddy Bear Picnic Party

Teddy Bear Picnic PartyThis party is suitable for both boys and girls since Teddy bears are the usual first toys that boys and girls have during their infancy and toddler years. You can do it indoors and outdoors. Now if you were thinking of holding it indoors, you would need to create an outdoor feel inside your house. Use pots and plants to create a garden-like feel for the celebration. You can also cover a portion of the wall with paper then make it appear like a part of a forest or garden with trees, bees, and flowers painted. You can also use cutouts if this wants you to want. If you intend to hold the party outdoors, the garden is the best spot to consider  ulang tahun anak .

Days before the actual party, you can create teddy bear ears out of cardboard and wicker baskets adorned with ribbons that will carry the food for the guests. On the day of the party, give these ears to each arriving guests and paint their nose with black ink so they will look like bears. At the same time, serve the food using the baskets that will also serve as their loot bags when going home after the party.

Care Bears Party

Table decor for Care Bears PartyEvery child knows the Care Bears, those cute bears featured in a television show aiming to teach happiness, friendship, caring, and sharing. To create an atmosphere that would complement the theme, you need to create a rainbow in a part of the room where the party will take place. You can also use pillows and make them look like clouds. This preparation need not be expensive because you can make use of papers like crepe papers and other materials and crafts that you can find in a dollar store near your place. Activities for the party can liven up with coloring pages that you can download from websites for free, or you can buy affordable coloring books from your local bookstore. You can also cut big circles then ask the kids to draw their favorite Care Bear character, and this would be placed on their belly al throughout the party.

In conclusion, no matter what bear birthday themes you came up with for your child’s birthday, there is always something that you can work with without having to spend a big amount of money. With creativity and initiative, you can prepare a party that your child and her guests would surely enjoy!

Nicola Amanda has over 25 years of experience in the party organizer industry, She has been helping people with kids party or wedding party since 1995. For more information on kids party organizer or badut ulang tahun please visit

One-Way Car Rental – When Is It Worth The Price?

rental mobil murah di jakartaA one-way car rental is one of the most expensive car rental option offered by most car rental agencies. Unlike a regular car rental policy, where you return your car from the same place, with one-way car rentals, you drop off your rental car at a different location from where you picked it up.

The reasons why one-way car rentals are expensive are because of drop-off surcharges and high base rates. Car rental agencies charge higher base rates because of the extra work that they have to do to get their car back. A drop-off surcharge is a penalty that some companies charge when you leave your car in a different place, which could go for hundreds of dollars depending on the location.

So why do car rental agencies like still offer one-way car rentals? That’s because there are circumstances when the price of one-way car rentals is a lot less expensive than the alternative.

Reasons For Choosing One-Way Car Rentals

Some vacationers don’t like retracing their steps on their vacation. Some prefer to drive to their vacation and take the plane going home. With one-way car rentals, they don’t have to worry about returning their rental. And for some, getting a one-way car rental and one-way plane tickets are cheaper than getting round-trip plane tickets. It is also less tiring than driving the rental car all the way back to the car rental agency.

Plane tickets have become more expensive nowadays, especially with the surcharges for excess baggage, sports gear, or valuable equipment. Sometimes it would cost less to get a one-way car rental so you can load as much baggage and equipment as you want. And you wouldn’t have to worry about your luggage getting lost or damaged.

A cross-country trip puts a lot of mileage and stress on a car. If your car isn’t in good condition and you don’t know how to do your own car repairs, there’s a big possibility your car could break down on you. By getting a one-way car rental, you save your own car from wear and tear. And you don’t have to worry about the rental car breaking down, or not having any service support when you do encounter some car trouble down the road.

When choosing to go with a one-way car rental, make sure you read and understand your car rental policy. This type of policy is expensive, it’s a given because of the higher base rate. But taking the time to understand your policy can help prevent you from incurring any penalties and surcharges that could be added to your bill.

Weight Watchers Weight Loss per Week


Weight Watchers Weight Loss per WeekPilates dramatically transforms approach your body looks, feels and works. It builds strength without excess bulk, creating a far more toned body, slender thighs and waist, and a flatter 6-pack stomach. The focus on proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and attention to smooth flowing movement help create better awareness of the body.

And number 1. I made the decision to affix Weight Viewers. I had heard a lot of success stories about Weight watchers and after putting on 30 pounds over the path of 3 years, I decided it was time to take action. I had been telling myself workouts age and hormones that contributed for the weight gain and that may be partly true, but I had to become self-sufficient and take something so We could feel good about myself, my body and my health.

Pilates may do a lot for healthy posture. It also promotes the understanding of the posture that for you to it being improved. When you become associated with what it feels adore being standing correctly, then it’s easier to copy whenever you like, without the need for an imitate.

Example: You see two neighbors out walking each lunch. You know them both but have put off contacting in order to see when would mind a third person.

It very best to do muscle education and learning. This is often the secret of many celebrities. Tone your body up with exercises as muscle burns up more calories and fat. Jogging is often a good to be able to tone complete approach body. May do also join yoga or are usually are feeling more into the work out scheme. Allot a specific time in the week due to these activities.

One exciting new addition to the resort is the Wisp Resort Nordic Center. The center offers 50 kilometers of trails of varying difficulty, which means you can the particular whole day cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Seeking are new to these sports, the center also offers tours and lessons for both adults and children.

You could workout all by yourself using the endless supply of cardio machines, weight training machines and free weight loads. You are left on really to reach your objectives any way you want to.

These simple adjustments into the lifestyle will significantly trim your risk of back agitation. If you don’t have back pain, this is the time to act to prevent any future problems.

The Complete Guide To conquer Rinjani, Dream Destinations Climbers Part 2

Plawangan Sembalun and mischievous monkeys so the last marker before exertion to the throne


After the “educated” by  Remorse and Rinjani Trekking suffering, Pelawangan Sembalun will welcome you to come. In the last outpost before reaching the peak of Rinjani you will be greeted by a long-tailed monkeys that sometimes naughty to steal food and invade your tent.

In order for your rest time more comfortable, make sure you close the tent meetings and put the groceries in a safe place. Bad news really is not it if it had to run out of food for wildlife stolen this one?

In Plawangan Sembalun also the beauty of Segara Anak you can find for mengela all existing fatigue

Segara Anak is a crater lake located in Rinjani caldera. Meaning of Segara Anak himself the son of the sea. Giving this name matched with the color blue lake water clear. The beauty of the lake Segara Anak increasingly blends beautifully with grass growing around making a scene there look so perfect. The existence of Mount Baru Jari located in the middle also helped create the natural beauty there increasingly difficult to forget.

There came a time menjamahi Throne Dewi Anjani, who became Highest Peaks Rinjani

Towards the top of Rinjani takes about 4-7 hours of Plawangan Sembalun. Gravel and sand tracks that are similar tracks toward Mahameru peak. Soft sand that is around the top makes the climb even tougher.

But it will all pay off when he reached the peak of the fighting for this. The beauty of Segara Anak from the heights, and several others were caught Mt. increase your view of beautiful scenery. Everything feels fatigue hike paid off fighting.

After reaching the top of Rinjani, Cave Park and Cave Milk is also required to sign a list of destinations that must you sambangi

It feels volcano located in Lombok give a million reasons why people should come to visit. Besides the beauty of Segara Anak, a tourist attraction that is not less interesting is the presence of various caves each of which has its own story. Of the many caves contained therein, two caves that must be visited are the Cave Milk and Caves Park

In the cave you can soak Milk natural hot water contained therein. This hot water flows through the pipes.However, one needs to remember is before the skin directly into the hot water, make sure you’ve tried a bit beforehand. Because if not, you might feel a burning sensation. Not only hot springs alone, in the bottom of the cave there are stalactites milk which is said water dripping from there have a taste similar to milk. Perhaps for this reason also the cave called the cave of milk.

Located not far from there is also park that offers a fun adventure. accessible only by edging this way is said to have the size of a very narrow mouth of the cave. On the outside there are a lot of white fabric hung the impression of spooky . According search get, in this cave is often held certain religious ceremonies so that the white cloth there.

After a long journey and enjoy the elegance of nature, it’s time to rest his tired body with a soak in the natural hot spring pools typical Rinjani

Long trip up Rinjani is about 5-7 days depending on the ability and desire itself. After taking adventure that is sure spending power is certainly feeling tired and in the body. Do not worry, you can remove it by soaking in hot tubs located on Mount Rinjani.

Not only used to reduce fatigue when it had to fight long past on the way to the summit of Rinjani, according to local stories that are in the hot water Rinjani believed to cure various skin diseases. So it is not surprising that many people who come here to soak in addition to reducing fatigue also to treat their skin disease.

7 Design Sofa For Living Small Size

The room guests is a place that we provide to anyone who visits our home, but it is often also the room we use as a place to relax or unwind, so designing the living room to look beautiful and comfortable is a matter that should be in priority, and the first step that we can do we can start from the selection of wall paint color, choose a seat or provide decoration in the living room. But there are still many people are still confused in managing their living room and one of them is blocked constraints the small size of the living room they have, since all it would easily be overcome if we know the key and one of the keys to success in designing a small living room is in choose where to sit like a couch.

small living room sofa

To choose the living room couch with a small size then you need to consider is in terms of size, selecting a sofa with a large size would give the impression that narrow in the living room that, therefore, we can choose a sofa with a minimalist design, because the couch one this pick a smaller size so it does not take place too much, while the color of the sofa that you can choose are the bright colors it serves to give the impression that is widespread in the living room in addition to that we also have to align color sofa with paint on guests that do not happen much contrast, if the need for a place to sit is still less then you can use the pouf, the seats are usually square or round but did not have a backrest, now for more details more on the design of the sofa for the living room is small, direct just look at some examples as below.

Examples Sofa Design For Living Room Or The Narrow Small

That was some models small sofa for the living room that can be given, then to be able to maximize the appearance of a small living room, then you could try adding some of the following accessories.

1. The first accessories that we can use to add a beautiful impression on a small living room is the carpet, at the moment a lot of carpet with a variety of materials that we can use as rug or other carpet.

2. We also can enhance the visual appearance of our living room by adding a cushion on the sofa, in addition to beautify the look of a living room, with a pillow on the couch will be able to give comfort to the person sitting on the couch.

3. Well last so the display wall does not look very monotonous, then you can put pictures of your family or a wall decoration such as a mirror or painting.

Is as it was the accessories that you can use for your small living room to make it look more beautiful and attractive, maybe that’s all we can say about the design of a small living room sofa , hopefully to inspire you.

This is Lime Benefits for Your Face!

Do not look at the lime of the sour taste bitter, but look at it as a mini fruit have properties jumbo equipped with vitamins and nutrients. Benefits of lemon juice not only as a flavoring dishes. Its nutrient content can be used to maintain the health of the whole body. And this article will focus on the benefits of lemon to the face.

Benefits of Lime's Face

Lemon filled with vitamin C, citric acid, flavonoids, and antioxidants that can neutralize free radical activity in the body, enhances immunity against deadly diseases such as cancer. Plus, lemon juice is a natural remedy for overcome skin problems. Here are some benefits of lemon to the face :

Brighten dark spots

You can put lemon juice with a cotton swab into the black spots and leave it for 30 minutes. Preferably within 30 minutes, you remain indoors because lime can make your skin sensitive to sunlight. Not only to brighten the face, you can brighten the black part in the armpit using this natural remedy!


Acne can appear at any time without warning, especially if the skin oily. To prevent this, you can regularly put a mixture of lemon juice and honey on the face. Honey has anti-bacterial function while the lime has acidic properties that can control the oil. Use a mixture of anti-acne naturally tersebt each week as your facial care routine. If the acne scars disappear, simply massage with lemon juice to lighten the stain.

Make Clear Skin Glow

If you do not want to be bothered or do not have time make a face mask, just get used to drink a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lime juice. Drink in the morning to start your day with nutrition for the skin that helps the skin face of the onslaught of pollution.

Sweeping Dead Skin Cells

Lime peel able to slough off dead skin cells. Popular beauty treatment method that has been practiced for centuries as a natural remedy for skin beauty care. Thanks to its citric acid content, make lemon able to sweep away the skin of a pile of dead skin cells.By doing so, not adalagi clogged pores that trigger acne.

Slowing the Aging Process

With increasing age and exposure to UV light, making melanin accumulate in the skin grow-causing black spots and other signs of aging in the face. The solution? Lime peel may help inhibit the growth of melanin. You can rub your skin smooth with lime peel or applying a facial mask made from lime peel. This action could significantly reduce the effects of aging.

Lime does the little green, but the benefits of lemon juice to face enormous. You can treat yourself or use fresh lime from lime health products that are already available on the market.

Coping Tips And Avoiding Matic Car Crashes

Using the car with the transmission atutomatic often called auto-matic , today is pretty much in demand. Besides being easy to operate, urban roads are prone to misfire is deemed most easily traversed using auto matic .

Only by shifting the gear lever to position D, release the brake and stepped on the gas, the car was sliding smoothly without the hassle of arranging the stamping on the clutch pedal. Add any speed, you just deepen the stamping on the accelerator without having to bother to pass the gear lever and clutch plays.

However using matic car does require special attention. This is done for your own favorite car that does not just stop in the middle of the road because of strike. Car Review Show

As a precaution, according to Andi Irawan, head of KIA authorized workshops Sunter branches, checking oil in car matic matic should be done every day. Andi reminded that checks the oil on a car matic, in contrast with the manual transmission car.
“Keep in mind, if the oil matic checked when the car is on. Differences with the manual car is seen when the condition of the engine died. So sometimes matic car users do not understand what it is, “said Andi, when interviewed business .

On the other hand, Andi also mention that auto matic very rarely sudden break down on the road without any warning mode of the car. Mobi matic usually equipped by warning mode, where the car will be warned to be taken to the nearest garage.

“Usually if you want to strike, the car will be locked in third gear, a sign that the car had to be taken to the nearest garage. The average person does not understand this, less energy was calculated. So what happens behenti car so suddenly and clutch wear, “he added.
However, if the car was already breaking down, Andi suggest some things to do. Among them not to forcibly push the car matic. Because for some cars it is not advisable to forcibly driven, because it feared would ruin the motor automatically from the car.

Therefore, towed matic using a crane carrying highly recommended by Andi. “Try to use the crane carrying, and the tire that was appointed to be the part that is occupied by part pengerak car,” said Andi.
For towing, the maximum speed should be taken just 60 km / h. As for the mileage of the car towing, the maximum is only 40 km.
However, if in a state of an emergency, the car can be driven matic indeed granted. Provided that the transmission oil filled beyond normal limits. “So if the position of the needle was in the position of full , we have to add more that the transmission oil 1 liter,” concludes Andi.

Tips to Make Oil Free Facial in Natural

Oily skin can make you look is not optimal.

There are a variety of skin care products aimed at reducing oil production.

Only, instead of using products containing chemicals, you can remove excess oil on the face in a natural way. Here are the steps:

healthy face

Basic Tips for Oily Skin Types

1. Wash your face at least once a day and ideally twice a day.

The oil on the face can trap dirt and other particles, which in turn clog pores and cause acne.

2. Use a facial cleanser with the skin and use an exfoliator gently. Exfoliating (exfoliants) function removes dead skin cells and oil.

3. Try to use warm water when cleaning your face.

Warm water is more effective in reducing oil compared with cold water.

4. Use cosmetics and skin-care products specially formulated for oily skin.

5. Do not overuse liquid cosmetic. Must use it, select formulated for oily skin.

Liquid Makeup can clog pores and contribute to acne.

6. Use a mask of mud or clay mask at least twice a week.

Masks are useful to absorb excess oil and make the skin feel smooth and fresh.

7. Avoid using cosmetic products that make a face irritated.

Natural Products for Oily Skin

8. Use egg whites (after being separated from the yolk) and shake to form a foam.

Apply to face and let it dry and then rinse with water.

9. As a variation, you can add the egg white with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply to face and rinse after 15 minutes with warm water.

10. Mix the lemon juice and water in the same ratio and apply on the face using a cotton swab.

Allow to dry, then rinse with cold water.

11. Soak a cotton ball in the buttermilk and apply on face. Leave for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.

12. Slice the potatoes and rub it into the face. Let the potato water soaks all parts of the face.

Clash Royale Android APK Card Favorite

Clash Royale hit mobile gamers the world. Since the release globally in early March, Clash Royale android apk able to become one of the games most market earned revenues in the United States and Indonesia. Clash Royale itself is a real time strategy game based cards. Randomly, you will fight against players from around the world and fight to destroy the tower opponent within the prescribed time limit.

The cards are available also vary with different types of scarcity. There are cards Common, Rare, and Epic. Some players, including me, sometimes set the cards are centered on an Epic card and choose another card to support or protect it. Nowadays, I often chose Prince as my primary card. To support it, I wear a variety of card with remote attacks like Archer, Musketeer, Spear Goblin, and Bomber. There is also I use Giant, Fireball, and Arrows as a supplementary card that can be used as an offensive or defensive cards.

Prince is one of my favorite cards (and also the most hated when the opponent is wearing). It has a large HP, attack is very strong, and also high speed. We can download easily, ff not prevented, can destroy a Crown Prince Tower itself.

Prince is the weakness of the enemy in large numbers such as the Skeleton or a Skeleton Army. He also could easily be distracted. Therefore, the backup card as I have mentioned above (especially Bomber which can destroy many enemies at once) is necessary so that Prince could function effectively as possible.

Clash Royale Android APK

In addition to Prince, I also frequently use the card Balloon as a major offensive. Balloon is one card that directly target the building and has shattered a very, very large. This card is able to reverse the flow of the game on the verge of defeat into glorious victory. However, the risk of using Balloon quite large, mainly because it does so much work if used for defense.

To cope with HP Balloon that is not too big, I often use as a shield in front of the Giant with multiple remote units in tow. Only after that I was sent down Balloon to finish the job. However, not infrequently Balloon nevertheless I scaled back because of the Giant had already attacked and I decided to save elixir for the purposes of survival.

I also often paired with Rage Balloon to provide maximum destruction to the enemy tower. Moreover, if the Giant remains in place, the tower was destroyed already a guarantee.

Samsung Gear VR Review

Since Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, Oculus Rift began to develop in 2010 ago, the audience of technology increasingly curious about the phenomenon of Virtual Reality (VR). For those who may be unfamiliar, VR is a technology that allows users to interact with virtual environments computer simulation results. This environment could be an imitation of the real world or the result of the creativity of the developers.

Samsung Gear VR Review

One of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, in collaboration with Oculus VR headset in developing what they called Samsung Gear VR. Priced at 1.5 million, can the Samsung Gear VR offers a virtual experience that is fun?

Before a peek at what could be done by Samsung Gear VR, first I want to review the physical form of this wearable device technology. Gear VR casual look elegant at the same time with a combination of black and white. The design is also impressed by the simple but still feels solid.

For accessibility, Samsung and Oculus has been pinned on a few buttons to navigate in the Gear VR. This button may make a bit of confusion over the position and how to use them. But do not worry, you will be proficient to operate it after some time.

On the right, you will see the navigation buttons tangible touch pad, a back button, white looks a little difficult, as well as a button to adjust the volume. At the top there is also a touch pad that functioned like a scroll button, to adjust the distance between the smartphone with the eye. The goal is that you can see the screen clearly, regardless eye minus or plus.

Gear VR is also equipped with a rubber strap that is strong and capable of adapting to the shape of the head. This strap can also be removed easily. In addition, on the inner side of the device there are soft pads that are supposed to make your face always comfortable when using it. Unfortunately seam of the bearing is not one hundred percent neat and soft, so sometimes it makes me a little itchy forehead.

Gear VR when the front cover is opened, you will find a Micro USB connector to lay down and lock the smartphone. This makes the smartphone safe from any shock or movement generated from your head because too excited. However, not all smartphones can be used with this VR headset.