Clash Royale guide to game strategies for beginners

Clash Royale guide to game strategies for beginners – back So there’s no demand to squandered by assaulting every incoming troop Elixir is a valuable resource. Save enough elixir to deploy several cards (using synergy can also be an excellent idea) to make the spent resources worth more. Additionally, remember that your tower will instantly kills many enemy troops so you don’t need to start strikes on them. Use your elixir to push in your opponen’t tower.


Be selective It certainly looks fine to have all of your cards updated but it’s not simple to earn gold, so you can’t spend it. Since that costs less gold and prioritize updating the cards you use most frequently the best clash royale hack strategy would be to update the most common cards. You’ll get more torsos often in addition to after each success, so you can begin updating more cards afterwards as you play the game.

Use Skeleton strikes – Although just the Giant Skeleton is strong to speak, there are various kinds Skeleton troops. The remainder will readily take damage and die just as quickly, but they may be used as a diversion in order that they won’t require most of the damage before you deploy tank troops.


Use the kill zone – Your defense issues if you’ve got some powerful attacking cards in your hands and without a suitable one, the odds of winning the conflict are lower. As a beginner you’ll should leverage the kill zone – the middle place in your side of the field. Don’t intercept incoming attackers at the bridge, wait for several seconds and put some troops that are quick at the center of the kill zone. This can be an excellent means to prevent attackers from reaching the tower they were targeting as cannon balls and the arrows in the towers will begin hitting on them.

Contemplate the effects – before you play a card It’s not difficult to get carried away in the warmth of the conflict, but it doesn’t mean it’s the wisest strategy. Believe for a second before concerning how they are going to change the course of the match you’re about to deploy one or more cards. Even toward the end of the match when elixir replenishes quicker, examining each measure ahead of time will necessarily assist you to play better.

Counter your competition’s activities – To try it, you’ll clearly must let your competition then pick your strategy so and take actions. Whatever card he deployed you can use one to counter it. As an example, if he deployed flying troops you’ll be able to use an air target card to assault them. Additionally, attempt to get the fight close so it can help you but not that close that it’s going to require damage.

Let your opponent Needless to say, that is always impossible, but you should make an effort to do its frequently as you could. This gives you extra time produce a sound strategy based on your own competition’s activities and to fill the Elixir bar but also conserve cards that are significant for late-match when in order to win you should get the upper hand.

Use your elixir sensibly – There’s no point on squandering elixir with this knowing the troops you’re about to deploy will only get obliterated without serving an useful function. To handle your elixir efficiently, you’ll also must consider which troops in your hand may be used alone (and their prices) as well as the potential card combinations.

Keep a card that is splash readily available at all times – You’ll never understand when your competition is about to start an army having a splash card prepared could be a life saver. It’s possible for you to use one card to eliminate troops so it’s undoubtedly worth using it at the perfect time.

There you go! Our Clash Royale guide will allow you to get more triumphs and advancement to higher-level areas in the game. If you’re having a tough time getting the better of your adversaries in the beginning, be patient and give yourself a while to become accustomed to the game’s mechanisms.

Building Without Wood

With the growing sophistication of technology of building materials, is now building a home can be full without the use of wood , so homeowners can be safe from termites and other wood rodents the animals. Besides safe from termites, building houses without wood can reduce fire hazard prone to happen in the roof space and plapond due to electrical short circuit.

Example Building Without Wood

Fireplace mantel ideas ,What kind of building houses without wood? You know that part of the house which has been the use of wood is the start of the roof frame, frame plapond, doors and window frames, shutters and doors. At the moment everything can be replaced with other materials without the use of wood. With the construction materials for the wood substitute very favorably by many parties, namely users, businesses, and governments must support the program, especially in the context of sustainability.

photo light truss
Use Lightweight steel roof Qualified and have a 25 Year Warranty

The use of non-wood materials actually have been applied to large buildings, office buildings, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers have been no use of wood, especially for window frames, door frames, windows and doors. While most of the roof frame is still using wood. Only when there is a new lightweight steel roofing products can make a full building material without material timber.

As for the buildings house, which is now common and many are interested in is using lightweight steel roof truss, whereas for frames, doors and windows are still many who prefer to use materials kayu.Ada people who argue that using aluminum frame seem like building office.

Motif Frame and Door Aluminium
Here Motif Aluminum Door Frames and Beautiful with Motif Wood
If you want, now it can be applied to residential buildings full without using wood. Now many sills, doors and windows are designed with motifs resembling wood. Thus, if you want to have a home that is free from the threat of termites that have been like to attack our houses are made of wood then wake up full houses without wood. In addition, houses without wood materials will reduce the risk of fire, especially on the roof frame and vulnerable plapond fire through the electrical short circuit.

aluminum door leaf motif
Aluminium door sills and leaves + Glass, is suitable for Limiting Family Room with Central Park or Garden Rear.
Just to note, especially in the use of the framework of lightweight steel roof which is now a wide range of quality, we have to really pay attention to the quality of the strength of materials adapted to closing the roof that we will use.

If we would use a closed roof that has a heavy load such as precarious concrete or tiles of ceramic must choose a material lightweight steel roof truss of good quality and have a guarantee or warranty of 25 years with a maximum material thickness. Besides the quality, also within the installation of the horses must be completely calculated in accordance with the load precarious .

Motif Window Frame and Aluminium
Aluminum window frames and leaves for minimalist
The building houses designed by experts , in this case the construction planning consultants, it is definitely going to calculate the distance between the horses. So therefore, if we want safer, more so if the value of the house is big should your home design and planning was entrusted to a professional consultant experienced construction planner.

An Easy And Simple Login Recovery / CWM On All Types Andoid

Recovery mode on android works to get into the main system android, tanki online hack menu recovery mode we can perform a variety of settings such as factori reset, remove the main data, wipe data, wipe cache, replacing rom default and many others.

An Easy And Simple Login Recovery / CWM On All Types Andoid

Sometimes much how the hell do I get in recovery? why not able to enter the recovery? and other questions, in order to cope with this kind of thing read on the article until the end.

Actually how to enter recovery mode quite easily on most android android we just need to turn off and then press the power button + volume up button simultaneously down, eh? but a little messy, but there is a more

practical and simple by using the application without the need to shut down and pressing the combination of power + volume up down simultaneously, ie by using a third party application called Quick Reboot (root) for android already in root.

to make recovery sign in to use this application shall root android that this application can run properly, if not already in the root please be at the root first, on the internet a lot of really providing tutorial root.
Well for a friend to all who do not know and want to try this method, please refer to the steps easily and simpelnya following,

An Easy And Simple Login Recovery / CWM On All Types Andoid

An Easy And Simple Login Recovery / CWM On All Types Andoid

1. Install Quick Reboot, please can download at PlayStore directly or can be downloaded at here quickreboot-27-v1.5.3.apk

2. After the download and then install as usual and open the Quick Reboot

3. If you want to enter the recovery tinngal select Recovery , it will automatically go into recovery mode without having to press the power button + volume up down simultaneously.

4. Done.

How? practical and simple, right?

That’s about to step An Easy And Simple Login Recovery / CWM On All Types Andoid, I think this only can I tell you about my tutorial this time, that’s all and hopefully useful.

Know Your Body’s Biological Clock Live Healthier

Our body is composed of several organs in the way of work and hours of work each. It is often called the body’s biological clock. There are certain times that are the best hours to perform an activity. The time that we use to perform activities such as eating, sleeping, exercise and other activities can affect the body as a whole.

Know Your Biological Clock To Live Healthier

Even the normal course of activities could be unhealthy just because we are one took time. Here is the division of the body’s biological clock that you should know, so that health remains awake and energized throughout the day.

1. When is the right time to eat?

Jam a good breakfast is at 7 am to 9 am. Why is this clock is very good for breakfast? At that hour, the human stomach is in a strong state, it would be very good if at breakfast time consuming nutritious food to energy intake in order to support the activities during the day. Breakfast below 7 hours is not good for health, especially if you’re in a period of diet.

For dinner, it would be better if done too late. This is because the body process food better during the day, the glucose levels in production at daytime processing fewer than at night. Of course you know that the main peyebab diabetes is due to high blood sugar levels. In addition, the body’s metabolism also require time to digest any food entering the stomach. At least we should give two hours or more before bedtime.

2. When and how long it took a good sleep?

Bedtime on different people depending on their age , at the age of 13-21 a person will tend to sleep and wake up late from ages more. And starting at the age of 55 years, we will experience the same sleep cycle as the age of 10 years. According to research, our body is also made to sleep in the two times that long sleep at night and day for a nap.

If you are a regular sleep late, you should sleep before 12.00 at night and not wake up before 3:00 am. Because in these hours, the liver is doing his job to dispose of toxic products of metabolism and regenerating liver cells, it is advisable to not move and did not sleep at that hour.

3. When is the right time to exercise?

According to the study, muscle strength tends increasing at 2:00 until 6:00 pm, and this is the right time to do sports. At this hour anyway, exercise can reduce blood pressure between 10 and 11 percent. But however the, for the athletes, the morning is a good time to exercise.

In addition to the provisions of the above time, there are some specific time like 05.00 to 07.00 am where you have to get used to defecate. That’s because during the time the colon is doing activity rid of toxins. 17:00 to 19:00 is a good time to learn, because at that time the kidneys were actively and strongly connected with the growth of the brain and spinal cord.

We sometimes often ignore the signs delivered by our bodies . It is though not directly can reduce our health. Try to rest when your body is getting tired, and listen for any warnings from your body for a healthier life.

Turns 7 Habits Frequently We Do It Is a Cause of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus or more commonly known as diabetes is not only triggered by genetic factors, but also an unhealthy lifestyle. This is because based on the research, heredity affects only by 5-10% chance of a person developing diabetes type 2. Meanwhile, unhealthy lifestyles affect the rest. Therefore we feel the need to diabetes destroyer book provide detailed information about your lifestyle or habits of anything that can trigger diabetes, so you can reduce risks such as kidney failure, stroke and heart .

Image result for penyebab diabetes

Lack of sleep

Bedtime you should need to be added if you want to be free from the risk of diabetes.Normally, bedtime is for 6-8 hours a day. So if your hours of sleep less than 6 hours, then the poor sleep habits that will increase your risk of diabetes. This is because a person’s body that lack of sleep will be more susceptible to infection, no matter how small it is.

Additionally, keep in mind also that the lack of sleep the body will be more prone to dysfunction, particularly the organs in it. In this case, the organ that should be prevented from dysfunction of pancreatic beta cells is given the function is very important in terms of maintaining the stability of blood sugar levels.


Stress is related to hormone production and is described as the trigger hormonal imbalances due to increased cortisol production when the stress really happened. With the hormonal imbalance, would further hinder the performance of those hormones.Especially if that impaired insulin is a very important function in terms of maintaining the stability of blood sugar levels. Therefore in order to avoid hormonal imbalances, stress should be avoided. One of them by adding your bedtime so the body will come back fresh.

Exercising Supine

Supine exercise is a trigger diabetes is most often encountered, particularly in Asian countries. In fact, according to research, the lazy habit of exercise may increase the number of people with diabetes in Asian countries. Then what is the relationship between the risk of diabetes with exercise?

Keep in mind that the body’s metabolism can be increased by our diligent exercise.By increasing the body’s metabolism, the use of calories will be increased as well so that the risk of obesity can be prevented. In addition, the use of sugar as energy can also be increased so that the release of sugar into the bloodstream can be inhibited.By doing so, the blood sugar levels will remain intact stability. Blood sugar levels are always stable will certainly reduce the task of pancreatic beta cells in insulin menskresikan. Conversely when the secretion of insulin continuously carried out, then the pancreatic beta cells to be more susceptible to damage is the cause of type 1 DM.

Jogging for health benefits 2

Good stamina will increase the capacity and productivity of your work throughout the day, because it will help you to move actively. I’m sure if you had previously felt sluggish when it works, then when it has been routinely jogging then you’ll feel better. Help you lose weight No doubt if the regular jogging will make a quick achievement of one’s weight loss program. Because jogging will improve your metabolism and burn calories quickly.

Image result for manfaat berlari setiap hari

If you have been trying very hard to get rid of belly fat and do not succeed, then you have to try to jog regularly. Jogging is a good exercise fat burning, even largely targeting abdominal fat, thereby reducing fat around the waist, hips and abdomen. Jogging can be considered also as a best practice and effective for erosion accumulate fat in the abdomen. Jogging can increase appetite. This is because the body needs more calories to fuel muscles, when it is used for active jogging. That will eventually lose weight. Strengthen muscles and improve bone density Other benefits is jogging strengthens the muscles and increasing the density of the spine, hips and legs. If you’ve seen long-distance runners, even though their legs looked thin, but they they can run as hard as possible. Jogging will prevent the loss of muscle mass and bone mass associated with age. When you start to run on a regular basis, then you will be able to keep your bones throughout the year.

Reduce the risk of disease Jogging help fight diseases such as cancer, heart stroke, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and boost the immune system. Jogging will minimize heart attack, because it will strengthen the heart while also maintaining blood pressure. The lungs are also going to be strong , so you can inhale more oxygen. This will increase the capacity of the blood to carry more essential nutrients to all organs of the body. Overcoming sleep disorders If you have a sleep disorder, jogging will help you to overcome them. When you start jogging routine, then the next you’ll be able to sleep better and quality. Jogging in the morning will help you sleep better at night. You will feel more relaxed and able to sleep through the whole night. If you suffer from insomnia, walks out of the house every morning will really be able to help you. In addition to the above benefits of jogging, you will also save money because Atak need to exercise to the gym. So you just bought a pair of shoes jogging, start a little stretching and jogging can begin

Summoners War Mid Amount Guide


There are several general things if they’ven’t already done so any player must do, in addition to a broad guide focused on individuals transitioning into the mid-match.

Summoners War Mid Amount Guide

These 3 units make an excellent addition. These can all be great add-ons too, but are situational. To my knowledge these are incredibly simple to get access to via store, or all farmable.

EDIT: Although he’s not a support, I want to include a creature to this. Ramagos WILL take one to late match, and is a fantastic addition to any team. Although he falls off just a little bit there, but comes back unbelievably powerful once you reach at the higher ranks of Stadium.


YOU WILL NEED TO spend time farming for great runes for the units. A great landmark to reach is B6 Giants, because you are able to get a great inflow of runes that are adequate, with a very rare opportunity of getting a 6* rune. In addition it’s adequate mana to farm there also. Going into the Giant’s Keep can be a lot more difficult, and Dragon’s Lair is on a grade of its own.


When you reach level 28 (if I will be right), 6* runes begins to appear in your store. Should you be unable to clear higher amounts of Dragon’s Lair or Giant’s Keep, this could be your only inflow of high degree runes. You are able to locate other extremely great runes in the Store at the same time although 6* runes can be uncommon. I ‘d advocate keeping k mana rocks at all times, as you can find most of runes that are great. Additionally, you will get an adequate quantity of Mystical Scrolls, should you be on a lot it could be 1-2 a day. This may not look like much, but it actually does add up.

How to Hack ? Follow link

The daily missions all would be clearly clearing, but also doing things like clearing the Competitions in Stadium too. At the minimum, this will make it possible for you to estimate your teams progress, so when you eventually are able to clear something higher, you’ll understand you do something right:). Your crystals will add up, together with extra runes and essences you are going to get from your Giant/Dragon if you do these things daily.


Even this really is something I fight with. It’s only more valuable for you in the long run, although this doesn’t affect your chance in any respect. Additionally on refreshing the Temple of Wishes NEVER spend crystals, the likelihood of you really getting something great is not incredibly likely. Another great use of crystals would be to conserve up to 200-400 crystals and purchase 3 day EXP booster or a 1, refreshing your energy to powerlevel some creatures and then spending a while at somewhere. This will give you a nice boost in case you are fighting in ToA or Cairos, and you should do this.


At least get the glory points while you might lose. Glory points are extremely, very useful, because getting a weekly Devilmon is very important to unlocking Glory buildings, along with leveling up the abilities on uncommon creatures.


I ‘ven’t done the Accomplishments/Assignments in some time, because I’ve finished nearly all of them (Darn you creature wish!), but I believe you’ve got the judgment to understand which ones to shoot for.


That can allow it to be significantly better when you reach them, although it may take a lengthy time to realize your aims. Between doing stadium, and farming for runes, mana, essenses, creatures, xp, scenarios, ToA, dungeons, there’s a virtually infinite number of stuff it is possible to do. But keep at it, and YOU’RE GETTING things done!


The Summoners war community along with the reddit community is usually quite helpful, and we have great advice. Before I understood how great he was, as an example, I fed my Water PT quite early in the game Summoners War Mid Amount Guide.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 For Android Games Review

However improbable it’d appear, a web-based flash game full of garish design, unicorns and a 90s soundtrack (that couldn’t perhaps sound more 90s) is among the most used of all time, spawning an array of products and multiple sequels. It couldn’t get any easier: Z X to flit and to leap, prevent challenges and have your robot unicorn live for so long as you can. No surprise then the franchise has eventually made a rainbow arc’d jump to the free-to-play device game market that is mobile.
If you’re among those who were entranced by the (infamous) first online game, you’ll be satisfied to understand this new edition enhances in all objective facets. The visuals are detailed and lush, with distant views of waterfalls, floating cities and giant narwhals, all draped in the vibrant colours you’d anticipate. There’s now also an enormous number of customization available, and it’s not only for appearances. For example, shifting your body and altering dashboard time wills increase will increase your top rate. Cheesy pop track “Always” by Erasure makes a fantastic come back, but as long as you drop some cash (Which applies to an entire record of other similarly cheesy tracks accessible).

The gameplay, as before, revolves around leaping from platform to platform, flitting through barriers (Now including laser-spewing giants), becoming increasingly challenging as your robot unicorn collects rate. Everything’s only that little more polished; glitches are minimal and the moves are easy. It is possible to now replay wishes (efforts) or play a bonus wish to add to your own total. Stalwarts of this marketplace, cash and assignments, are around to keep pulling you in, like you didn’t have enough reasons already. But maybe the most intriguing gameplay mechanic is the usage of wings. Yup now you can fly.
robot-unicorn-attack-2How to hack ? Learn Here : 4 hacked
I can’t help but believe the game just isn’t quite as entertaining as the first while all these things are cool. Partially this is because you get a brand new degree (arrangement of stages) every day, and everytime you play that day, it’ll be that same amount. Play it a few times, and you begin recalling what’s about to come. Gone is the randomization of the first, so that you must respond on the spot on a regular basis and have no notion what’s coming next. Then there are the grades of stages, which removes the star points collection that made the original exciting and make things just that little more messy.

I am going to stress however, that the preceding points shouldn’t prevent you from getting the match. RUA2 is an excellent product that’s a lot going for it and with the tweaks the programmers will definitely make, it is going to just get better (In particular, the Team Rainbow vs. Team Inferno thought needs some looking at, being totally unbalanced at the time of writing). Whether you happen to be knowledgeable about the first or not, this can be an excellent chance to dig in and make believe.

Download on Google play

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera


Following on from my look at still capture results, where the iPhone 7 pipped the competitive Galaxy S7 by virtue of natural image processing to the place, several commenters noted that they’d like to see a video camera evaluation also. Do exactly the same processing remarks apply?

Before going on, I should note that all of this is a notch down in the telephoto-equipped iPhone 7 Plus the king of mobile-shot-video on the planet at the moment.

But that’s another attribute for another day. The S7 does feature stereo sound capture for some individuals – I do wonder whether Apple might empower this on the iPhone 7 variety in a software update at some stage , which might be a differentiator.

In each instance I used 1080p resolution (for bandwidth benefit all round) and 60fps (to keep things super smooth). Everything was left on complete vehicle, other than attempting to use multitouch to zoom (easier said than done with a smartphone encased in a stiff jig!) as suitable.

Moreover, I shot on a short evaluation of the digital zoom, at around 3x, as I attempted to stand stock still in a bracing wind and this shows the effectiveness of the stabilisation. Eventually, I shot some slow motion series using the way that was particular in each mobile camera.

Once playing, you’ll need to click the full screen control to view the complete resolution video (your display hardware allowing), up to 1080p. Oh, and notice the auto focus took ages to lock ‘ on me disappointed here.

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera:
iphone-7-vs-samsung-galaxy-s7-cameraAside in the stereo/mono thing, in a nutshell, don’t read into clarity here.
I’ve to give it when zooming in – the zoom evaluation that is brief on the airplane reveals the iPhone’s two stabilisation systems jointly make a zoomed video that’s nearly tripod-continuous. Simply awesome. While the S7 footage was still wobbling somewhat beside it (and yes, I’d checked that stabilisation was ‘on’).
I did enjoy just how the Free iPhone 7 video capture interface restricts you to about 3x zoom (there’s an onscreen slider), preventing footage from becoming overly lossy – in comparison, the Galaxy S7 lets you zoom and zoom and, as you saw by injury in the right side of the framework above, results can be quite unpleasant.

iphone-7-vs-samsung-galaxy-s7The slow motion segment of the footage was quite adequate on both smartphones – certainly no gripes here.
The colours were somewhat more drenched and the borders of aspects over-sharpened, just much like the stills that I was examining a day or two past. It’s possible for you to see this most clearly in the greenery over the lake and in the garden fences. I find, yet again, the effect quite nasty and would preferably have the natural colours and elements in the 1080p frame of the footage that is iPhone 7.

In truth afterward, there’s not that much to pick between both smartphones when it comes to video footage quality – the Galaxy S7 wins on the sound front with stereo capture, but the iPhone has the edge when it comes to effectiveness and frame processing of EIS. Away from my man-made jig testing, I’d place cash on the Free iPhone 7 to create clearer and smoother video – particularly as anyone who’s serious about getting footage on a cellphone will likely have paid extra to have the iPhone 7 Plus and will subsequently have that 2x telephoto lens to change to at the same time. Of which more in a future feature, undoubtedly.

Event Which Will Make the world in Bali More Impressive

Many reasons have made Bali as one of the best destinations in Indonesia. Bali is an island with simplicity but full of surprises beauty, Caucasian people say “it’s amazing”

Every corner of the charming town in Bali, beaches imply peace, many locations are challenging hike, residents are fun, provided a wide culinary from various countries at prices adjust


Bali like a complete entertainment package for everyone. Scoot fast cruises review for that reason, many foreigners who do not want to lift their legs out of Indonesia because of fall in love with Bali

Before the holiday to Bali, note the following list of interesting activities

1. Visiting temples (Hindu worship place)
Bali Island population is Hindu (84.5%), Islam (13.3%), Christians and Catholics (1.7%), Buddhists (0.5%)

With a percentage like that, almost every location it is easy to find Pura. Some temples in Bali is often used as a tourist attraction, in addition to places of worship of Hindus of Bali, of course,

Thousands of mainland Bali temple filled with very kokohnya and buildings that have a distinctive character. It is appropriate if the Bali earned the nickname island of thousand temples. Pura is a sacred place, sacred, revered by the Hindus of Bali

Pura Bali is a manifestation of belief and faith in the people of Bali are predominantly Hindu. Pura Bali is home to both residents of Bali after her own home, where they will throng to the temple as sacred moments arrive

So be wise enough when we vacation to Bali for taking the time to visit the temple to determine the customs in their religious rituals

There are about 10 more Pura which is the goal for attended

2. Soak in Hot Springs
In Bali there are several hot springs that are worth to visit

Why? because in addition to the pleasure of bathing in hot springs, we can enjoy the beautiful environment will shade trees

The scenery is lovely to be around this warm water bath

Suppose Hot water Jatiluwih, Angseri hot water, and hot water Banyuwedang

3. Enjoy the underwater beauty of Bali
For those nature lovers, especially the underwater world, during his visit to Bali is a necessity for diving and snorkeling

Bali has the most famous diving spot, with coral reefs were beautiful and an assortment of fish that are fun to be viewed or immortalized in camera

The Spot is a US cargo ship wreck. Liberty, is a highly recommended spot to visit

4. The game is full of challenges
Lots of game challenging and full of adrenaline with the security that is guaranteed

Suppose hike (hiking), Bungee Jumping, paradigling (paragliding), mountain biking, horseback riding, jungle trekking and zipline tree top

Games – games that make us more agile and daring to challenge our adrenalin

Definitely a fun and exciting without losing feel pleasure. For bungee jumping, for example, you can go bungee jumping Blangsinga (Blangsinga Village, District Blahbatu, Gianyar)

5. Visiting Spa
It would be all right when we finished doing the activities that give us a lot of sweat, we visited the spa for pampering our bodies and restore our energy is drained for fun activities such

Or if not an exhausting activity, at least we can relieve tired and eliminate stress in our minds

Many places in Bali spa treatment for us go to indulge us for a moment

6. Seeing dolphins
Lovina, fun bid to get closer to the water animals brightest Si cute dolphin

These adorable animals faced the main attraction for tourists who visit the beach Lovina

7. Learn about the culture of Bali in Ubud
Ubud Bali is a city that became the most famous city in Bali after the publication of the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

The place is still the best place to be a place of observation of the culture of Bali

There are so many beautiful temples, historic sites, Balinese dance performance, the Monkey Temple, and some delicious food at this location

The tourists usually visit this place for quite some time just to see Balinese dance or want to get closer to the population that has a Balinese culture is still strong

8. Adventure in Nusa Lembongan
Nusa Lembongan is a language of Bali, while in Indonesian called Lembongan Island. These are villages Lembongan Island

Desa Lembongan many have interesting places to be visited by tourists such as white sandy beaches are very attractive, natural caves and man-made unique, sea cliffs challenging, marshes full of mystery that attract visitors to come and a lot more interesting in the village Lembongan

9. Watch Kecak Dance at Uluwatu
Pura Uluwatu is located on a cliff top with stunning sea views

Kecak is a Balinese traditional dance and musical hindu from the Ramayana, is usually performed by men. The event was held at Uluwatu and is available every day around the clock 18:00 to 7:00 p.m. CDT

10. Looking at Buffalo racing
In general, Buffalo used as human companions for plowing, but it was not in Jembrana, Bali

In this city of entertainment instead of buffalo used for race horses. Usually the big event held in August to welcome the celebration of Indonesia’s independence day

Very pleasant when viewed buffaloes compete quickly

11. Rafting on the river Ayung or Telaga Waja
Vacation to Bali with friends? Try to experience rafting on the river Ayung or Telaga Waja. Both locations are suitable for beginners and families