Enlarge Breast surgery: Cost, Risk, and Processes

Breast augmentation surgery, including cosmetic surgery in the group. Through this operation, a woman can get breast implants to make their breasts bigger and fuller.

O Perasi this can be done for reconstructive reasons or repair, such as after a mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast) breast cancer, but can also be done for cosmetic reasons click here for more details

breast augmentation surgery

Two types of breast implants

Breast implants used for breast augmentation surgery, there are two types, namely saline and silicone. Typically, the implant is implanted just be left in the body for 10-15 years. When you’ve reached the end of the age, the implant must be replaced.

  • Saline implants are implants that use silicone pouches and  contain sterile salt water (saline).
  • Silicone implants are implants that use silicone pouches and  contain thick plastic gel (silicone).

Generally, many women use of silicone implants, because it feels more like a real breast than saline implants.However, silicone implants are more at risk for health that her implants ruptured.

In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) restrain the sale of silicone implants for security reasons.However, in 2006, after much research, the FDA approved silicone implants began certain to be back on the market.

Breast augmentation surgery costs how much?

To perform breast augmentation surgery, cost is certainly not little. What does it cost to implant breast implants depends on where they are located, the doctor, and also the type of implant used.

Because included in beauty treatments or cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation surgery and treatment, including the risk of diseases that could arise, are generally not included in the list of health insurance, so the cost becomes expensive.

In Indonesia alone, the cost of breast augmentation surgery on average starting from Rp20 million and above, as presented by dr. Irena Sakura Rini and cited

What is the minimum age for breast enlargement surgery?

Breasts will continue to grow and grow until a woman reaches the early 20s. Many doctors ruled that for breast enlargement surgery with saline implants, the age of the woman must reach at least 18 years. As for the use of silicone implants, women of at least 22 years of age.

What are the requirements that must be met before breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure that is very personal and you must do it for yourself, not for others.If you qualify under this, then you could be a candidate patient breast augmentation surgery.

  • You are physically fit.
  • Do you have realistic expectations.
  • You’ve finished growing breasts.
  • You are bothered by the feeling that your breasts are too small.
  • You are not happy with your breasts the lost shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss, or because of age.
  • You are not happy with the top of your breasts that do not stand out.
  • Your breasts are not symmetrical.
  • One or both of your breasts failed to develop normally or has an elongated shape.

How to choose the right plastic surgeon?

When you choose a surgeon for breast augmentation surgery, choose one that has a long experience. If you choose a surgeon who has 5 years experience in surgical training and at least 2 years of experience in plastic surgery, your risk of complications will be small.

Before the operation begins, you will meet with your surgeon for medical evaluation. You can say what you want and you will also get feedback from your doctor. The discussion also included the breast where they aim to address. So you’ll know where the scar will be generated.

Your surgeon may ask you to stop using certain medications for a few days or a few weeks before the operation begins.

How long does the process of breast augmentation surgery?

Usually surgery for breast augmentation with implants using general anesthesia, so you’ll fall asleep and not feel pain. The operating time of about 1-2 hours.

As with any surgical procedure to enlarge breasts?

Your surgeon will lacerate your breast skin at the site or the part you want addressed. But generally the surgeon will slice the bottom of the breast, forearm, or around your nipple. All depends on your body, the type of implant used, and how much magnification that will be done.

After the skin is slashed, the implant will be placed between the breast tissue and chest muscles, or in the back of your chest muscles. Once the implant is placed, the incision will be stitched and closed.

Usually the patient can immediately go home or can choose to stay overnight in the hospital. When you return home, you need to limit activity and avoid doing activities that used to heavy or tiring. You can go back as usual in the next 4-6 weeks.

After surgery, usually women are concerned see the shape of their breasts unnatural at first. However, it is normal and frequent. Your breasts normally look and feel better in a few months.

Recovery after breast augmentation surgery

Your breasts will be covered with gauze after surgery. Tube channels that are paired at you will be released within a few days. You will also be asked to use a special bra until you recover.

You will be asked not to go against you for a few days. Any activity that makes you have to lift heavy items are not allowed until 6 weeks after your surgery.

You can use painkillers such as acetaminophen to reduce your discomfort. Your doctor can also give you some prescription drugs for you. Swelling can also occur in the former area of operations, but it will disappear with the incision, as time goes by.

Complications that can occur as a result of breast augmentation surgery

If you decide to perform surgery to enlarge the breasts using implants, you should know from the beginning that the potential risks arising from these operations.

  • Infection or bleeding after surgery
  • There will be a scar
  • The shrinking of scar tissue around the implant
  • implant split
  • Implant wrinkling or pleated
  • Temporary or permanent changes in sensation of the nipple

How to Properly Watering Roses

Roses appreciate a lot of water. It helps them grow to their fullest and promote large, long-lasting interest in rich colors and thick sturdy petals. Roses assimilate food is good through the roots or leaves (foliar feeding). Water is the medium that transports nutrients roses.
Soil temperature and plants surrounding all affect how much water the roses will need during the growing season.

Read here: Tanaman Hias

Chihuly (floribunda)

In temperate climates, a weekly watering is usually sufficient. About 2 “of water a week (about 4-5 gallons) may be all that is needed. If the soil is sandy or park in areas with hot, dry or windy, more frequent watering may be required. Care must be taken in areas where the soil holds plenty of moisture for too plenty of water can promote root rot.

the root system is deep achieved by deep water, this will help roses to survive both drought and freezing winter. Watering lightly, in turn, will allow the rose establish roots very close to the surface, making plants more susceptible to the effects of too much heat in the summer or freezing in the winter.

Watering your roses early in the day and on the ground will help prevent diseases such as black spot. Wet foliage without excessive warmth of the day and the sun to dry the leaves can push and spread the disease. you can, however, about once a week to spray your rose bush with water. A spray nozzle attached to the hose will provide enough power to clean the leaves of dust, dirt, spider mites and other insects.

Knowing when to water is not too difficult. You can invest in the investigation of water, or just stick your finger into the soil. If it comes out completely dry, you may need to increase your watering. If it comes out muddy, which is an indication that there may be too much water or not enough drainage. Another indicator of watering too much yellowed leaves are tender. Yellowing leaves are dry and crunchy can show sufficient watering. If the soil moist, which will show that watering is just about right.

Mulching 2-3 “around the base of plants can help save up to 50% of water consumption. Mulching also helps in keeping the weeds down and the cold ground. It can lower the soil temperature by 10 to 20 degrees. There are many types of mulch on the market. you can buy some of the local nurseries or using what you might have on hand. newspapers either grated or by simply putting the sheets and land some over to anchor, will keep weeds at bay and moisture in the soil.

Some other things that are used as mulch sawdust (make sure that it has been aged a year using fresh can deplete your soil nitrogen), grass clippings (make sure there is no residual herbicide) compost, straw and horse manure either age (applied in late winter to early spring).

Recipes How to Make Chocolate Mochi Fried Cheese Content

Mochi is one of the snacks are well known in various parts of Asia. Mochi itself is made with a variety of flavors and in every region is different for the presentation and preparation. But the cake is typical of this Japanese menu remains a delicious meal while relaxing in the afternoon.

For this time mochi made with different styles and forms the fried mochi. Of course with fried mochi gives the impression of a more delicious when eat. other than that in mochi filled with a chocolate and cheese.

contents brown fried mochi cheese

With the contents of chocolate and cheese certainly gives a greater sense explode when in the mouth. Therefore if you yourself want to make sure you can follow the steps below on Prescription How To Make Mochi Fried Cheese Chocolate Contents:

Ingredients / spices:

Leather Material:

  • Take 60 grams of white butter
  • Provide oil for frying
  • Provide 1,200 ml of warm water
  • Provide 1 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Provide 1,200 grams of glutinous rice flour
  • Take 90 grams of rice flour
  • Take 600 grams of sugar

Material contents:

  • Take 300 grams of chocolate chips
  • Provide 300 ml milk
  • Take 300 grams of grated cheese


  • Provide 360 egg whites
  • Take 600 grams of coarse crumb

Steps and Method:

  1. Step awaal for the content, heat the milk. And add the grated cheese. And stir until the cheese has melted. Allow to cool. And add the chocolate chips. Stir well. And chill.
  2. Then the skin, combine the water, sugar, salt, and shortening. Stir well. And pour it into a mixture of glutinous rice flour and rice flour. Stir well.
  3. Further strain through a fine sieve until smooth. And enter into a heat-resistant bowl.
  4. And steam over medium heat 25 minutes until half cooked. Lift. Then stir with a wooden spoon.
  5. Then steam again 15 minutes until cooked. Lift.
  6. Then the mixer 2 minutes with a spiral mixer until creamy. Allow to cool.
  7. And take a little mochi dough. Fill with the contents. Dipping into the egg whites. roll over rough crumb.
  8. Well oreng in hot oil over medium heat until browned.

How sobs, easy enough right to make mochinya? Certainly for this snack menu is perfect for your special meal at home with family. Besides forward also other special menu of in the discussion to come. That is all and thank you!

Up Tips for Pregnant Women Safe Boats

Ganggari fast boat ,Tips aboard safe for pregnant women . Early in October I was finally able to Batam, uhuy, originally want to catch a flight from Pekanbaru, but alas, 30 minutes before departure, the aircraft flew canceled due to haze highly concentrated. Finally, the next option is the ferry ride (Buton Siak Riau – Batam). If you take a plane from Pekanbaru-Batam, it only took 45 minutes, but if you climb aboard the ferry, quite a long time which is 5 hours.


Yasudah, for the sake of safety, eventually the next day we went to the harbor, queuing up to buy tickets, wait for the boat to come at 12.00, 13.00 and ready to go to Batam. Eh, why not immediately wrote to the ferry port ?? Siak-Batam (and vice versa), the day of departure one sister ..

Not as usual, this time Siak-Batam wear these two ships, it’s known passenger exploded, was really like a feast. LHA how not booming, the only way I’ll be going anywhere ya through Batam, Sumatra area because the air line is really not possible.

Usually I take a seat in the VIP second floor (pay her just the same), this time less quickly, finally able to sit down. Angry-empetan passable, because the narrow spacenya not like on the second floor. But not papalah, which is important to a seat and could see a movie with a happy hehe.

Boat Ride Tips for Pregnant Women
Pregnant women should only by boat, the origin note the following yaa:

1. Gestational age
Once, when Eid, fitting I failed to return home. Pinginnya back to Batam, it turns out a lot of friends who do not ngebolehin husband, because at that time I was young pregnancy (first trimester end). And obstetricians advice also, if possible later fitting the second trimester or early third trimester. Because shocks the ship was more than in the air, why fear-napa on the way.

Coincidence that this trip, the gestational age in the second trimester, alhmadulillah safe and sound. In essence , a sea voyage should and secure in the second and early third trimesters, avoid sea travel in gestation 7 months upwards.

2. Bring medications
Nih mandatory for pregnant women to take medication during traveling. Incidentally yesterday before leaving, drinking tonic first content from a doctor.

3. Do not take severe congenital
One suitcase and one backpack all brought a husband, I just bring the same sling bag cardboard whose contents souvenirs fish crackers hehehe. In essence , pregnant women do not take severe congenital yes, later exhausted loh hehehe. If you take fish crackers sekerdus not ?? yes nggaklah weight, taste not bring anything hehe.

4. Wear clothing / ootd comfortable
It’s important, wherever perjalananya, clothing / ootd it must be as comfortable as possible. At that time I wore the robe loose and slip on shoes, so comfortable and nyantai really. Up to how ?? the ship must pass a wooden bridge ?? ya do how-how, tetep can and not complicated anyway, because passengers who want to ride the ship being carried / held down at the ship’s crew, so safe.

5. Streets and move the legs during the ship
Incidentally trip from Siak Riau-Batam aboard the 5-hour, cook for 5 hours sitting on, that’s not good for pregnant women. Every 1.5 hours the ship stopped in various small island in Riau to take passengers, so every stop I walk, whether it’s just around or into the toilet (knowingly pregnant right beser hehe). In essence , should move the legs or stretching, let not swollen legs.

6. Drink plenty of water
Must ya, ya do not get dehydrated. Fear beser ?? just calm, in the ship there are many toilets, but must be careful because even though the toilet seat but the shock was really kerasa. Many prayers ya hehe …

7. Bring candy or chocolate
Make preparations when a sudden nausea, vomiting and pingin pingin sweets.

8. Bring the pregnancy books
If you want to get on a plane right nyerahin mandatory referral letter from a doctor or if you do not carry a pregnancy book, because it is obligatory. But if you climb aboard, yesterday I did not ditanyain (possibly due to booming passenger), but still I carry make preparations dong wrote. Bottom line , take aja pregnancy book or a referral letter, fear ditanyain later. Prepare your umbrella before it rains so hehe.

Alhamdulillah, until Batam safe, healthy and happy. Friends had the same experience not ?? come on sharing .

Vacation Fun Activities In Bali

Best transfer from bali to gili island by fast boats ,Are planning a vacation with friends or family and a loss for the tourist attractions worth visiting? What about the island of Bali, whether in your judgment?

The island of Bali is famous kemancanegara for a vacation destination because of the safety factor, have facilities adequate tourism and has many choices of interesting sights to visit.

Attractions beach in Bali one of the favorite tourist attractions tourists during the holiday. In addition to the beach if the island offers exciting activities for the holidays? The answer is yes!

6 Vacation Fun Activities In Bali

Bali Island offers many natural attractions and activities very exciting if done with friends or your family.

In these pages, I would write down a list of six activities of exciting vacation in Bali’s most sought-after domestic tourists while on holiday in Bali.

1. Telaga Waja Rafting

Telaga Waja river is the name used for the Telaga Waja rafting . The location is in the area of the river east Bali Karangasem regency.

Rafting at Telaga Waja river has its own advantages compared to other river rafting in Bali such as rafting on the Ayung River Ubud .

Telaga Waja River has the longest rafting in Bali about 16 kilometers and takes about 2.5 hours. The river flows faster to make the challenge and excitement of its own while you try.

Terpacunya adrenaline for a long time makes me put Telaga Waja rafting activities in order of the number 1 in the list of six activities of exciting vacation in Bali.

Telaga Waja rafting prices of each provider varied and usually the price difference Bali rafting caused by the amount of insurance coverage, choice of food offered and the quality of supporting facilities rafting.

One provider of rafting on the Telaga Waja river that we can recommend for facilities that meet the standards and the price is competitive rafting Alam rafting Bali .

2. Watersport Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa beach , because the wave of sea water is calm and located adjacent to the attractions of southern Bali, Tanjung Benoa to make the region a center of marine tourism in Bali.

One type of activity Watersport Tanjung Benoa Bali ‘s most exciting and attractive to domestic tourists are Parasailing activity. Although the duration of parasailing only a range of 5 minutes, but terpacunya adrenalin very quickly made me sort parasailing activities in Tanjung Benoa Bali at number 2 in the list of six activities of exciting vacation in Bali.

Our advice in buying activity Tanjung Benoa watersport is looking package Watersport Tanjung Benoa , because the price is cheaper, and there is a free shuttle facilities in certain areas in Bali.

3. Tourism Submarine

Have you ever wished submarine ride and view the underwater view of a submarine? Surely activity submarine ride in Bali is very exciting to try.

Tourism in Bali submarine named Odyssey Submarine Bali and in the world there are only two places that provide tourist facilities ie submarine Hawaii and Bali.

Because there are only two in the world and a unique experience must have been, then I include Odyssey Submarine Bali in sequence number 3 in the list of six activities of exciting vacation in Bali.

Although currently low season in Bali, travel enthusiasts submarine always plenty. Therefore, we recommend to book early if interested in participating in the Bali tourist submarines, at least 1 week in advance.

Want to know what the submarine odyssey Bali? Please click on the link below!

4. Travel Elephant Ride

Tourism Up Elephant In Bali

Do you ever ride a Sumatran elephant walking around the tropical plantation area neat? You must have imagined the thrill!

On the island there are many providers of travel packages Sumatran elephant ride but the best in the provision of travel packages to ride an elephant in Bali pualu is Taro Ubud Elephant Safari Park .

Elephant, clean and well maintained as well as fat-fat, elephants do not smell, garden neat and very friendly waiters. For an elephant ride tour on the island of Bali, in the category of tourist activity is expensive, but it never hurts to try in order to get exciting and unique experience when your holiday in Bali.

Not every moment we can tame and ride an elephant walking around in the garden a neat, made me put an elephant ride tour in Taro Ubud number 4 in the list of six activities of exciting vacation in Bali.

Want to know what the price of travel ride an elephant in Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud, please click the link below!

A New Kind Malware Attacks Still Able Mobile Condition Dead

Having a smartphone device is tricky. You must be diligent to update the software that is therein to be always up to date and protected from malicious malware attacks.


Malware or virus is the most common type of disease perched on smartphone devices. Of course, malware or viruses have a large negative impact and it could damage any system or data you have. Usually the virus is working to steal your personal data and is used for something negative.

Even the latest news mentions a spyware software managed to find new types of viruses that can still attack the smartphone even if the smartphone is off or in deactivated mode.

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Spyware software that managed to find the virus was in fact made by vendor AVG, already successfully produced world-class antivirus software. Of course this is very worrying, because the malware or virus can still work even when the phone or your smartphone is turned off.

But the good news, malware or viruses exist only in a few applications from the Chinese market countries. So if you do not download this application, then certainly if your smartphone safe from this dangerous virus.

Meanwhile AVG also said if a virus or malicious malware is certainly nothing in the applications that are in the Google Play market. This is because Google has strict filtering with application Abal Abal coming into their markets.

Toilet Training Early

It sucks at the same time for parents when their children are adorable urinating or large waste on the floor is clean. Potty training at night or pee on the cloth bare mattress replaced with a clean and fragrant. As a result, the former ompol laundry pile up that seemed to haunt you, because the pile was never reduced. If not for the affection of children and be aware of the risk of becoming a parent wants grumpy continue to taste.

Age 3 Years Still Reasonable
habit of bed wetting in children under 2 years of age is a natural thing, even some children are still wetting the bed at age 4-5 years and occasionally occur in children 7 years old. Children under 2 years of age have not been  karma incontinent of bladder control or toilet training was.


There are several research and literature that says roughly half of the children aged 3 years still wet. In fact, some experts consider that children aged six years still wet was reasonable, although it was only done by about 12% of children aged 6 years.

But, that does not mean children are not taught how to properly to urinate (BAK) and defecation (BAB) is correct and in the right place is not it? Because we also have to take into account the child’s school years, where usually when attending school there is a demand for children to no longer pee carelessly.

Toilet training is a way to train children to be able to control urination (BAK) and defecation (BAB). With toilet training is expected to train a child to be able to urinate and defecate in a designated place. In addition, the toilet training also teaches children to be able to clean droppings back  wear pants, according to Siti Mufattahah, S.Psi; Psychologist and faculty from the Department of Psychology University Gunadarma, Depok.

Could Starting From Age 2 Month
Indeed, to teach toilet training in children tricky. However, as parents will still need to teach their children. To teach toilet training in children can be started from the age of 1 to 3 years. At the time of that age, a child should be able to make toilet training. If the child is not able to do their own toilet training a child may have experienced barriers.

How parents to educate their children in order to get used to be able to pee or BAB appropriate time, the stimulation can be started from the age of two months. How, parents can check or change her diaper after the diaper is wet. Because the parents as the people closest to her know when her bladder or bowel movements.

When children from 2 months of age are not able to teach toilet training, there is no harm in children are taught at the age of 1 year. Keep in mind the child at the age of 1 year experience anal phase. In this phase the child achieve satisfaction through the anus. Phase satisfaction is related to cleanliness and schedule discipline.

Thus, a child has been taught from a minimum of 1 year of age. When children are taught when older than 3 years feared to be rather difficult to change the behavior of children. In addition, if the child is over 3 years has not been able to toilet training, perhaps it suffered a setback. Because at the age of 1 to 3 years he has not been able to defecate in accordance with the time and place specified. As a result, children can become the scorn of his friends.

Children 4 years of age who are unable to urinate or BAB suitable time and place provided can be considered less desirable. But at the age of three years is considered reasonable when urinating or defecating in his pants. However, that does not mean parents let alone. Give meaning to the child that the way was not appropriate.

Problem child’s independence BAK and BAB is virtually no difference between a woman and a man. Usually the girl is more compliant, then it will be faster taught to toilet training than boys. However, to teach toilet training in men must be.

Signs Small One Ready
Some signs your child is ready to toilet training:

1. Do not wet the bed a couple of hours a day, or if he managed to wake up without wetting the slightest, –
2. Time waste water is to be expected,
3. Was able to tell when your pants or diapers are soiled or wet-life.
4. Interested in a customs entry k € e in the toilet, such habits of other people in the house.
5. Ask to be taught to use the toilet.

Stages Toilet Training

Teach toilet training requires several steps:

– Make a habit of using the toilet in the baby’s bowel movements.
Begin to get children into the WC. Train your child to sit on the toilet though fully dressed. when your child is getting used to in the toilet, you can explain the usefulness toilet. Well, that baby is not afraid in the toilet, you can accompany him while reading a book or sing a favorite song.

– Perform routine in the small when seen to urinate.
Since the child accustomed to the toilet, take her to use it. Let it sit on the toilet at certain times every day, especially 20 minutes after waking and after eating.

If at times the child is sitting on the toilet but do not want to waste water, with whom he immediately came out of the toilet. When he wet the bed once in a while, it is a normal thing. You also do not need to worry if your child and forced sometimes strike and not go to the toilet.

Praise when he succeeded, although progress is not as fast as you want
If the child has had an accident immediately clean and do not blame her. Be a good model, so that the little easier to understand. Demonstrated to him how to use the toilet everyday.

Tips To Prevent Premature Baby Born In

Preventing premature infants born During pregnancy many issue to be aware of the expectant mother, one with the baby’s birth prematurely. So it was that the baby is not born premature, since a young pregnant mother should pay attention to the condition of the body and maintain healthy life patterns.

prevent premature infants born

Because of the biggest causes of premature babies born due to the mother who did not pay attention to healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, so this does not happen, we recommend following 6 tips to prevent babies born prematurely . Here are tips to prevent premature birth: pregnancy miracle method

prevent premature infants born

1. Meeting the nutritional needs of
fetus in the womb would require adequate nutrition to support growth. Therefore, pregnant women should consume a diet rich in a variety of important substances such as folic acid in order ayi in the womb to be strong and well developed.

2. Keep your weight
Body weight increased probably not a taboo for pregnant women. however, beware of excessive weight gain. If you are too fat, a baby in the stomach also will terancamm health. therefore you should more often light exercise such as gymnastics pregnant, Oga and others to keep the weight from growing too rapidly.

3. Expand drink water
As we know, water is the best drink for our health. as well as for pregnant women. with proper water intake, infants and pregnant women will be always healthy. This makes the baby to grow normally without fear it would be premature.

4. Keep lifestyle
Should pregnant women adopting a healthy lifestyle by avoiding cigarettes and alcohol. This is very important because as we all know that cigarettes and alcohol are very dangerous to the health of the baby and will make babies born prematurely threatened.

5. Routine check contents
To ascertain the condition of the baby in the stomach is fine, it is good ika pregnant women continue to check themselves to see a specialist or can be in a midwife. This is to anticipate the bad things that could happen unnoticed. Therefore, you should choose a regular schedule to check the state of the baby and your health.

6. Drinking milk pregnant women
latter is drinking the milk of pregnant women. pregnant mother’s milk contains many important substances needed infants and pregnant women to health is not compromised. Therefore, pregnant women should consume this milk in order to maintain the development of the baby her in the stomach.

avoid smoking and booze so that you stay healthy fetus in the womb. In addition it is also important to drink water to avoid dehydration. Similarly, a review of the tips to prevent premature birth that you can try. Good luck!

Important Things You Should Prepared Before Performing Ascent

Are you climbing hobby ??? or you are still a beginner and this is the first experience you are hiking with your friends,

to spend the holidays in the middle of busy-hour lecture by climbing is a very good idea. besides exercise the muscles but also the mind and soul will be in the sights and refresh with cool air of the beautiful mountains. which will surely add physical fitness when you return to activity.

in Indonesia in almost every island there is a mountainous region of the mountain either active or inactive, of the ordinary, average height to the highest. it is certainly possible for Indonesian society hobby with easy hiking climbing activities,
and here we summarize what things are important to consider before making climbing activities:

1. Learn Mount Will You Climb

When will climb mountains before you have determined where you will be conquered, the next is to learn all the things that concerns about the volcano. especially with regard to the climb. remember it is not necessary to learn the history, origin, first acquaintance with the key interpreter …. ok !! : D

matters relating to climbing include:

The location and layout of the mountain
How to access the mountain, such as transportation
Weather forecast in the day you make the climb
Terrain would you go through while climbing or her tracks. (Easy, difficult, or very difficult)
Obey the rules of the local community
Opinion or testimony of other climbers

exchange experiences with other climbers who had made the climb on the mountain that you’re going to be very helpful.

2. Physical and Mental Preparation

Stay in top condition when making the climb very expected, especially because of the time that we will probably travel for days to be able to go back to the start point, the default backpack which is as big Gaban plus another small emotions friend occur due to fatigue also will make things worse. especially if our own condition also was not fit. for it to do routine activities such as push-ups, jogging, crunches and stretching movements more done regularly for at least three days before the climb.

3. Ensuring friends climbers

Very dangerous if you’re a beginner who make the climb with a team that is also equally novice. for that thing to note is to make sure that friends are climbing you are those who already have a good track record, especially in the understanding of hiking or climbing,

essentially in one group you should make sure that no one of them ever make the climb to the mountain the. and it would be better if there was one of those who are already expert in the world of hiking.

4. Complete climbing equipment and requirements

that you have to fill out when going on a climbing among others:

Backpack bag or backpack
Complete with a tent Matras
Sleeping bag (sleeping bag)
3 Stel Clothing (outside in)
Rain Cover
Cookware, (do not forget a match)
multi function tool
thick jacket that can keep you warm in cold weather ekstream
Clock and GPS

If you do the climb in a group then it will be easier because you can do the distribution to each member who will take him.

5. Stock Food

Do not think you will easily get food with many stalls selling food on the mountain.hehe

Bring types of fibrous foods such as bread and easy to carry, and do not forget to bring the original rice (not rice synthetic) to be cooked on the mountain. and more importantly, do not forget to bring water for the needs of the group during the climb.

6. Packing properly

Do not worry if you’re afraid you will not fit backpack with belongings you that much.Arrange properly then your backpack can be optimized and will quite fit completely filled. senior ask you to teach the correct way of packing.

7. Learn Ethics-ethical Ascent

Each climber must understand this tagline:
“take nothing but picture, leave nothing but footprint,
and kill nothing but time”

The essence of the rule of the tagline is:

Do not take any of the mountain but the pictures.
Do not leave anything except footprints.
and Do not kill nothing but time.

Thus a few tips for those of you who will make the climb, please comment helpful if you, or perhaps for his friends Zafran very pleased if you’d like to add …one of the examples for beginners to do is you climb

How to Fill Printer Ink Canon True

Printer Striped, Dotted is a sign that in Hukum your thinning or Low Ink, therefore you should fill se-as soon as possible, but before we do that you should make sure that the ink you want to use is ink well and does not damage the printer If it qualifies us directly to the subject matter.

Read here: printerdriverscentre.com

Hasil gambar untuk Cara merawat Printer

How to Charge Canon Printer Ink
If the cartridge is still in a state sealed or have never completely you fill ink, first you have to give the hole first, but you need to watch should not make the hole too large or widespread, critical needle tip ink syringe has been able to enter into ,

Prosees of making holes in cartridge

After you create the hole successfully please enter injecting ink using approximately 5 ml syringe until the ink runs out, consider the following picture

The ink has been injected into the cartridge
Now that you have defined Cartridge with ink, the next step grab the vacuum and suck the ink, from the bottom of the cartridge, but when in suction, at least not too much ink to flow into the nozzle head.

Prosees penyedota ink
Take tissue And do check by placing the tissue right at the Nozzle Head ..

if Already, Insert Cartridge back to the starting position.

Perform Head Cleaning on your printer in order to avoid Results Matter dashed or Striped when you do the printing process will be, for it please check in here ..

For color cartridge process is not much different from the steps above, the difference is simply the amount of ink that you entered, these cartridges have three types of colors: cyan (blue), magenta (red), Yellow (Yellow). Cyan was situated next to left , Magenta is in the middle of the upper and Yellow Located at the kana n. Please you fill with ink in accordance with the color listed, with doses each – each 2-3 ml

Congratulations !! You’ve managed to fill your own printer ink.
This method applies to all Canon brand printers, so you do not have to worry about what type of printer you canon. so quite got here first, hopefully can help.