The procession and the history of Mawlid Custom Bayan, Lombok

The tradition of the Prophet’s customary style Maul Parrot runs for two days. The first day was the preparation of foodstuffs and other other ceremony called “wood aiq”, while the second day is prayer and eating together are concentrated in the old mosque of parrots.

Implementing the procession ‘ Customary Mulud Bayan “made up of villagers, the village of Loloan, the village of Sukadana, Later the village of Senaru, Bayan Village and Bajo Reef, which was all of the village is the unity of the Indigenous areas Indigenous Community called Bayan.

Implementing the procession ‘ Customary Mulud Bayan “made up of villagers, the village of Loloan, the village of Sukadana, Later the village of Senaru, Bayan Village and Bajo Reef, which was all of the village is the unity of the Indigenous areas Indigenous Community called Bayan.

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Implementing the procession ‘ Customary Mulud Bayan “made up of villagers, the village of Loloan, the village of Sukadana, Later the village of Senaru, Bayan Village and Bajo Reef, which was all of the village is the unity of the Indigenous areas Indigenous Community called Bayan.

Calculations based on ‘ Sereat ‘ (Shari’ah) Custom Gamma in Bayan “Mulud Indigenous Parrot” was held on the two days after the Islamic Calendar ketepan Maulid Nabi tgl. 12 Early Will exactly begin on March 14-15 Will start this year falls on September 18-19 February, Indigenous Sasak Community Coral Bajo, Bayan, Lombok Utara Subdistrict, some indigenous peoples are getting ready doing a series of events the feast of Mawlid Nabi held in customs regular local, indigenous people might call “Mulud custom”.

Bayan Beleq Processions To Celebrate The Customs Of North Lombok
Process Menutu Pare at the event to celebrate the customs of the Bayan

Since the morning of indigenous Parrot flocked toward the “original village” i.e. Kampu or area first inhabited by the sasak Muslim Bayan, they give up some of their income sources such as produce, rice, rice, sticky rice, coconut, vegetables, fruits, and livestock along with “batun incense” (money) and declared the “nadzar Inan Menik” that a woman

who receives the results of the Earth from the citizens of the produce will be later processed into dish (dish) to dihaturkan to scholars and indigenous sasak Bayan dikeesokan day on day two of Mulud Custom, this is a form of gratitude of the citizens over his earnings, then “Inan Menik” gives the sign on the forehead of indigenous citizens with the “mamaq” of betel as a ritual marking of indigenous children which is called “Menyembeq”.

The next Indigenous Parrot tandem clean place called Balen Campfire (where chaff/bran), Balen Tempan (where the tools penumbuk padi), clean the Rantok (place of mashing the rice), clean Drum gerantung, furthermore most of the indigenous groups pick up the gamelan Drum

Gerantung Drum Gerantung, upon his arrival at the place of ritual events performed already provided welcome and celebrate the handover with ngaturan Buaq Lekes (betel leaves and areca nut) , then the ritual of “Taikan Mulud” (series of Mulud Customs started).

Estimated time ‘ autumn flower waru ‘ (about 15.30 local time) the ladies start “Menutu Pare” (mashing the rice) together sequentially by using Tempan made of bamboo long place mashing rice shaped like a pestle boats called “Menutu” (mashing).

At the same time accompanied by gamelan Drum Gerantung typical village of Bayan, most men are looking for bamboo to serve as the Leopard umbul-umbul which will be on display in every corner of the old mosque Bayan show was called “Stump” led by a Regent, called “Melokaq Penguban” after receiving approval by administering lekoq buaq (betel leaves and areca nut) by “Inan Menik”, lekoq buaq which serve as the media bertabiq (excuse me) to bamboo trees will be cut down.

The evening coincided with a full moon where the stump (umbul-umbul) is mounted on every corner of the old mosque, Customary and religious leaders began to “Ngengelat” i.e. the clothe the Ancient Mosque with indoor symbol-a symbol-laden meaning, and afterwards when the gamelan players have entered the pages of old mosque Parrot sign event is

unable two citizens of men using rattan (Temetian) as a hitter and a shield as its protector made from cow leather , will start soon, the games are commonly called “Presean” was performed by the “Pepadu” or a reliable person in this game, but in the event this Custom Mulud anyone who wants to is welcome, or citizens who bernadzar that when he’ll fight Customs Mulud.

The games are appropriate occasions in front of old mosque this Parrot, not based on a sense of resentment and feel a whiz but part of the ritual and entertainment and when one player is injured, or resign both should apologize with be shaken after the game. This is a great tradition of rituals and customs of Mulud entertainment conducted since centuries.

After the event “Temetian” or “Presean” of indigenous leaders, the religious leaders of besrta other community figures and open to anyone who wants to participate in the gathered at “the great Berugaq” for mutual story-telling off and discuss as well as the part about everything.

Easy Ways to Streamline Body Naturally

Slim and ideal body would have become the dream of every woman. Moreover, if the light-skinned. To get a slim body, a lot of how that is done. But for some people who have body fat, perhaps a little trouble to get a slim body. For the cause of obesity

For the cause of obesity itself there are many factors, among others is due to overeating, eating too much greasy food, sweets and salty foods, there are also overweight due to the influence of hormones, poor dietary adjustments. For that, this time let’s look at some tips for slimming telling:

how slimming body naturally

1. Adjust your diet from now

Eat regularly with the kind of balanced diet and the portions are ample. Eat regularly: adjust how many times should eat in one day. Here I recommend eating three times a day. Kind of balanced diet: The type of foods in your diet should contain elements that are needed by the body such as proteins (in tofu, tempeh, eggs), carbohydrates (in rice, corn), fat (in meat, fish, eggs) , vitamins (in vegetables and fruits), mineral (water, fruit). Eating enough: The amount of food intake should be controlled. Here I recommend you use a container eat small portions so you are also controlled.

such as proteins (in tofu, tempeh, eggs), carbohydrates (in rice, corn), fat (in meat, fish, eggs) , vitamins (in vegetables and fruits), mineral (water, fruit). Eating enough: The amount of food intake should be controlled. Here I recommend you use a container eat small portions so you are also controlled.

2. The regular Sports

Do not forget to exercise regularly. The goal is to burn the excess fat stored by the body. At least do it 3-4 times a week with a duration of about 30 minutes each time sport. For this type of sufficient exercise effect is by running, swimming, cycling, the point is cardio exercise. Because this sport makes almost of the whole body moves.

3. Avoid bad habits For Snacking

Snacking is the most favored if there is free time. However, this is a trigger obesity. For that avoid snacking, especially at night. Because obesity is the biggest factor of most snacking, know yourself if it contains fat snacks that can trigger body fat fast.


This is the way and tricks to control your appetite. If the table already organized a wide variety of dining, it is possible that this will stimulate your appetite and eventually you will eat as much, without thinking about your body. To that food should be stored Dirak food, and remove the food if it is already time to eat.


Usually one would be tempted when you see the food was tasty and delicious, especially when seeing his favorite food . This will continue to trigger you to eat more. therefore, cultivate from now in your mind that eating just to maintain your hisup, not live to eat, if you think like that, then you will get used to eat because when you’re hungry, not because of lust to eat you.


Sweet foods are a source of carbohydrates, if the excess must be stored in the body so that the lam-old will always be buried. While the nature of salty foods is to bind water. So jiak too much eating food ynag salty, likely to bind water in our body, so the body becomes fat as swollen with water.

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How pretty easy right way without the use of a natural body slimming diet program that is very painful, if you really want to be thin intentions, follow the above tips and ways. God willing you will come true intentions, than you are doing a diet which would torture the body. Well, That’s some tips for slimming. Good luck and hopefully useful. Do not forget to share with your friends

12 benefits of Internet Marketing Online using Facebook Part 2

The Benefits And Advantages Of Internet Marketing With Facebook

Then what is the benefit of facebook 1 name marketing using social media Facebook? Here’s the explanation.


Cheap Cost

The cost is a factor to be considered in the process of business including marketing activities. Facebook provides a great possibility for users to be able to spread the company’s name, type of business, product offers, promotions services with a relatively inexpensive cost.

This is due, to create a Facebook account just don’t pay at all. And other activities can be done free of charge.

Disseminating Information On Business

Facebook is a great place to publicize what you’re doing in terms of business. Information details about business names, addresses, contacts, products, and services.

Explanation Of Business Through Status Updates

How does internet marketing using Facebook is to do activities in the form of status updates. Public updates are performed by many users is in the form of text. Text that is rendered in the FB wall can be used to provide a description of a new product or a function is also more of a product

Update Product Images And Videos

In addition to updates using text, Facebook allowed users to do a post in the form of pictures or videos. Description of the product through the text could just be less adequate even make confused visitors understand. Display product images really help prospective buyers of potential to be able to learn more about shape or dimensions of the goods offered.

To Attract Potential Buyers Through Tagging

Tagging is the desired facilities provided by Fb to tell friends about the status of a particular image or video, you do. Friends who got the tagging can find out directly about the newly updated information is mainly a matter of product offerings and services.

But you should also be careful to do the tagging. Because doing the tagging to all existing registered FB friendship you will make them distracted. and it could be that your friends will unfollow you, even worse could perform unfriend.

Talking With Customers

Facebook provides facilities for each other can send the message (message) with your friends on FB. Messages sent can be directly rewarded in the form of chat (as can be done in Yahoo Messenger). Speak directly with your friends (in the sense of the customer) into the advantages of Facebook to be able to give you a quote for personal purchase transaction occurred.



Various Benefits of Twitter

Want to know what the benefits of Twitter?Here’s his review, this time a variety of technological developments continue to emerge and fill every line of the lives we live.And one of create register account the most visible is the development of advances in communications technology. Twitter, is one example among many of these developments.

Why is that ? whether the special things that are on twitter so that its presence changes the behavior of today’s society? And if also benefit twitter that may be of interest for many people to start using it? For that you need to listen to the following reviews so you can find out the facts about twitter that proved beneficial thus attracting users from various age levels both of which were children up in old age though.

1. Benefits twitter firstly as an efficient communication medium that connects you with the people you love. For example, when you communicate

with relatives
who are far away, with colleagues and with someone unknown to you before. With this clear presence of twitter as a medium silaturrahmi has had a positive impact.

2. If the previous era you get news from newspapers, television or other electronic and print media so now you can easily latest news from the official accounts owned by focusing on news media such as newspapers and other tempo. It is thus clear that the role of twitter as a medium conveys information, it is very effective. Every minute you’ll enjoy serving bias current news is certainly interesting to follow.

3. If you think creatively when using this popular social networking site then you will earn from it. The problem with using twitter you can do business sale of goods or services that your field for free. Moreover twitter users ever-increasing numbers create jobs about wide open.

Now that’s some of the benefits of twitter that may be you get when you use technology products like twitter correctly. Apart from the issue of the plight twitter social networking site this one remains viable for you to enjoy with a variety of interesting things and also the benefits that exist on the popular site this one.

Efficacy and Benefits of Red Ginger for Health

Who does not know the ginger plant, especially mothers commonly in the kitchen must know. It turns red ginger benefits not only to herbs, but also to maintain a healthy nutritious.

Related image

Quoting from , Ginger or in English in the know with ginger rhizome is a plant that is very popular as a spice and medicinal materials. Rhizome shaped fingers bulging in the middle sections. The dominant taste spicy due to ketones named zingeron.

Ginger is thought to have originated from India. But some who believe the ginger comes from the People’s Republic of Southern China. From India, ginger was taken as the spice trade to Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and the Middle East. Then in the days of colonialism, ginger can provide a warm and spicy flavor to the food soon became a popular commodity in Europe.

Ginger has the scientific name is Zingiber officinale , and including parts Zingiberaceae (-finding meeting). Based on the species, there are three kinds of ginger are popular in the market, namely:

1. Ginger elephant / rhino ginger

Ginger is the most preferred in the international market. Great shape fat and it’s not too spicy. Meat rhizome yellow to white.

2. Ginger yellow

Ginger is widely used as a spice in cooking, mainly for local consumption. The taste and aroma quite sharp. Rhizome size was yellow.

3. Red Ginger

Red Ginger has a high volatile oil content and most spicy flavor, making it suitable for pharmaceutical and herbal ingredients. Rimpangnya smallest size with red leather, fiber larger than usual ginger.

Red ginger cultivation is getting a place in the hearts of the people, one of the causes is that the red ginger plant is easy and practical, but the results are quite favorable. Cultivation of red ginger is not much dependent on location, weather and other factors. In fact, now many are cultivated red ginger in the bag or polybag.

The market, the price of regular red ginger ginger pegged more expensive than usual. Of course it is because it implies higher. Red Ginger is commonly used for the manufacture of traditional herbal medicine. That is because the red ginger has various contents that are beneficial to our bodies.

Efficacy and benefits of red ginger

Red ginger for health benefits are numerous ranging from curing light to prevent a dangerous disease.

What are the benefits and efficacy of red ginger for our health? Here are some health benefits of red ginger to our bodies.

  1. The benefits of ginger to treat arthritis

The benefits and efficacy of red ginger to cure rheumatism. In addition to cure rheumatism, red ginger is also able to cope with stiff that often attacked the workers by weight.

In red ginger are compounds that can relieve pain and reduce swelling in the joints.Rheumatism or gout disease can be cured by using red ginger.

How to make, Prepare a fresh red ginger 20 grams, 20 grams of ginger, chili Java 20 grams, 30 grams of cat whiskers, leaves komfrey 30 grams, and water to drink 4 gelas.Semua material is washed, chopped or thinly sliced, then boiled. Wait until the remaining 2 cups boiling water, then strain. Drink 2 times in the morning and evening, to drink 1 cup. In order to taste more fresh, add 2 tablespoons of honey and lime juice.

  1. Benefits of ginger red as cough medicine

Efficacy and benefits of ginger red as cough medicine. Red ginger contain substances that can make the muscles around the throat becomes more supple. Not only that, red ginger is also able to create a warm feeling of the throat area. That’s what makes red ginger into a very potent medicine to overcome cough.

In addition to addressing cough, red ginger can also be overcome strep throat. The nature of the warm red ginger is what can help cure a cough and sore throat.

You can consume ginger red in the form of processed ginger drinks warm or the other.

  1. Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood

The content of the red ginger is very much useful to get rid of toxins in the body, one of which is the bad cholesterol in the blood. Bad cholesterol in the blood will impede blood flow.One of the benefits of red ginger is blood circulation and indirectly of bad cholesterol in the body will be destroyed.

  1. Red ginger eliminate acne

Not only health, red ginger is also very helpful for beauty. One of the benefits of red ginger to the beauty that can eliminate acne. To get rid of acne using red ginger is very easy. Ginger is already cleaned massage on face until the discharge of oil and then close all the face with red ginger slices.

  1. The benefits of red ginger to relieve headaches

To relieve headaches with red ginger is very easy. Brewed ginger red with warm water or suction red ginger aroma that had been cut.

Consumption of this herb at least 3 times a day then hopefully your migraines disappear.

  1. The benefits of red ginger helps diet

Other benefits of red ginger that can help your diet. The benefits of red ginger to this diet you can get by way of a red ginger drink water regularly. Red ginger can help to burn fat in the stomach and reduces appetite.

  1. Red ginger overcome bone loss

Red Ginger contains a compound that can reduce the risk of bone loss that often affects men and women in old age. You can benefit from this by regularly consume red ginger-based processed.

Red ginger herb for treating bone loss are as follows. Prepare Cinnamon 20 grams, green beans 30gram, 15gram pepper, fresh red ginger 20 grams, 10 grams cardamom and 4 cups of water. All the ingredients are washed clean then crushed, boiled until the water into two glasses and do not forget to be filtered so that residues of these materials separately. Drink 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup in the afternoon, so it tastes better, you can use 2 tablespoons of honey to the mixture.

  1. The benefits of red ginger to overcome motion sickness

Efficacy and benefits of red ginger can prevent motion sickness. Red Ginger contains a substance capable of neutralizing substances that trigger motion sickness. When you eat processed red ginger, the stomach will feel warm. The distinctive aroma of red ginger is also able to reduce headaches.

By drinking ginger before traveling a lot by riding four-wheel vehicles can prevent motion sickness because of its nature as an anti-nausea.

  1. Efficacy of red ginger to cope with asthma

Prepare a fresh red ginger 20 grams, 30 grams of bitter leaf, leaf cottonwoods 30 grams, 20 grams lampes leaves, and water to drink 4 glasses. All material after washed, sliced or chopped small. Boil until the water remaining 2 cups, then. Drink 2 times a day in the morning and evening after meals. Drink 1 cup. so it was fresh, can add honey and lemon juice nipis.v

  1. Red Ginger is useful to overcome Stroke

Bad cholesterol found in the body over time will clog arteries and will lead to a stroke.

How to make a concoction of red ginger to overcome stroke is as follows. Prepare leaf Ciremai 30 grams, 30 grams of red ginger, pule Pandak 30gr, 30gr noni leaf, and 5 cups of water. Once the ingredients are washed clean, boil with 5 cups of water before, leaving up to 2 cups, let cool and then strain to be remnants of a separate stew.

Drink half a glass of regular 3 times a day, morning, noon, and evening.

  1. Efficacy of red ginger enhance male vitality

Besides being able to cope with stroke, red ginger efficacious also enhance male vitality. How to cultivate the benefits of red ginger so that a magic potion is as follows.

Prepare red ginger 15 grams, 30 grams of ginseng, Java chili 20 grams, 20 grams of black pepper, water to drink 4 glasses. All the ingredients are washed, boiled until the water remaining 2 cups then. Drink 2 times in the morning and afternoon. Drink 1 cup.Can add 1 egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of pure honey. Mix well before drinking.

  1. Red ginger maintain heart condition

If the body stores a lot of cholesterol and oil which is a composition of vegetable and animal fats can increase the risk of heart disease. To do with the benefits of ginger because in the body holds a role as lowering levels of triglycerides and cholesterol excess in the body.

  1. Red ginger overcome digestive disorders

Health disorders that attack the digestive system such as cramps and pain that arise before menstruation can be pushed over with ginger drink water regularly.

  1. The benefits of red ginger for pregnant women

Pregnant women sometimes experience nausea in the morning or popular term morning sickness for a little disturbed digestion. To reduce the nausea that you can drink coffee or ginger warm whenever nausea upon awakening.

  1. The benefits of ginger to prevent colon cancer

One of the university located in the United States reported that regular consumption of food or drink made from ginger can prevent cancer koloretal (large intestine).

  1. The benefits of red ginger to treat allergies

Benefits of ginger as an anti-allergic, because in it there are compounds that are effective in reducing the itching due to allergies as well treat it.

  1. Red ginger to treat colds

Digestive problems sometimes makes the stomach so nausea to vomiting, this condition also often occurs in people who have a fever (colds). As a first aid do not directly use the drug store, try drinking water steeping ginger rhizome so comfortable stomach and abdominal cramps avoid such problems.

  1. Efficacy of red ginger boosts the immune system

The body will be immune from the disease, how to improve the system in the body that is often called immune or immunity. If the antibodies’ (immune) in the body is strong, then the bacteria that might attack can be resisted. To augment the immune system you could take regularly drinking ginger, ginger benefits that this one helped with antioxidant properties.

  1. Benefits of Red Ginger as deworming medicine

Red ginger can also be used to overcome the problem with worms in children and adults. The trick puree just 60 grams of red ginger, and mix it with warm water. Strain the water and then input into a glass, add one tablespoon of honey. Consumption of red ginger three times a day and hopefully the problem with worms that you are experiencing will soon disappear.

Ginger is very much beneficial, but should be considered for patients with acute gastritis red ginger should not be consumed too much. The content of the red ginger is very strong and can cause stomach burning.

So, for those of you who suffer from heartburn, do not drink water red ginger or consume too much.

Similarly, review the properties and benefits of red ginger to the health of our bodies. May be useful

Tip Choosing Sofa

The overall style of a room decoration will be influenced by the style of the sofa. Therefore, give top priority when buying a sofa. Sofa quality is a worthwhile investment. Sofa would be more comfortable to sit and more durable.

Image result for tips memilih sofa

So that no one chose, before buying a sofa, consider the following points:

  • Adjust large sofas, tables, Best Home Decor Ideas Picture and Sofa and chairs its companion (if any) with the size of the room. Do not let the area be cramped for ‘traffic’. Especially if you have toddlers.
  • Note the high back of the sofa. Not to hinder the harmony of view when you want to enjoy knacks other decorations, such as paintings, sculptures, or lights.
  • Adjust the overall decorating style options and sofa bed will be placed. If placed in the formal living room, choose a sofa that is not too soft, for guests who will be hard to sit up again because ‘sank into the sofa’. On the other hand, to the living room, choose a stylish sofa that is not formal, overstuffed and comfortable to rest.
  • Note the shape of the sofa. When sitting, feet should be planted on the floor and does not hang. Likewise with ‘depth’ sofa, should be enough to accommodate the entire body while seated. If the sofa has a part to put the arm, select a fairly high for comfort. Similarly, the position of the back of the couch, not too tall and not too skewed.
  • Sofa packaging materials vary. Ranging from cotton, denim, canvas, polyester, synthetic leather, silk, velvet, or genuine leather. All of these materials has advantages and disadvantages of each. Material of genuine leather, for example, can be preserved for decades, provided cared for properly. Or materials of cotton, which has a variety of beautiful shades, but quickly torn.

Hopefully useful and hopefully can be your reference.

Do Originally Wear Accessories! Yuk Read 7 The rule used to be! Part. 2

Selection of the right earrings

Although often covered with hair but, earrings is one accessory that you should not forget just like that. Because the earrings would be an attraction that was first seen when other people are talking to us. You need to know if, accessories this one is Supernatural charm bracelet important to frame your face. Therefore you should select the right earrings and conforms to the shape of your face yes Toppers. In addition, also adjust details such as color and shape earrings.


Adjust the model necklace with collar

Want necklace you wear it stand out? The key is choosing the right collar. As we know, the shape of the collar so is as varied as the model v neck, strapless, off the shoulder, and others. For that, you’d better have more than one necklace models to be able to adjust the collar clothes you wear. As for the necklace color selection, you can also choose neutral colors such as nude necklace, black, or white. Because these colors you will easily match with any outfit with style. (See also:  Tips on Choosing the Right Necklace Shirt Collar Match )


Use the accessories at your fingers

Ring a hand trimmer we should not miss. Sometimes the selection of these rings are also not rare if only we choose, when in fact if we want to occasionally give a little attention, the ring is not only complementary but at the same time beautify your hands. The first thing you should consider when deciding whether to wear a ring is a sure finger nails are clean. Especially when you’re wearing a ring sized attract attention and indirectly make the eyes rivetted on your fingers. You could do a manicure is simple to clean your fingers. In addition, note also the use of nail polish yes. Do not let the nail polish color collide with the ring you wear.


Bracelets to decorate hands

Accessories next hand you can choose a bracelet. Bracelet types of bangles is the right choice for you who like to look fashionable . However, the rules still apply early ya. Do not wear excessively, if you want to put on some bangles, use on the wrist only. In order not to seem too crowded. If you do not want to wear the bracelet too much but still stand out you can choose a cuff bracelet that you can wear on your arm. Cuff bracelet will make you look different.

Choose accessories to accentuate fashion

Keep in mind that the accessories you wear clothes you should be able to make more vivid and stand out. You can adjust aksesorismu with a particular theme. For example, if you want to appear polite and charming, choose accessories with pearl accents or if you want to look feminine and romantic impressed, you can use accessories with a vintage theme or floral colors – colors.

Well, once you know the rules of wearing the right accessories , now you can start to mix and match accessories without fear of appearance does not match. 🙂

Pecan Benefits for Body Health

Pecan Efficacy for Health

Pecans, for mothers – mothers love in the kitchen certainly is familiar with one of the ingredients of this cuisine. Yaps, hazelnut is one of various types of spices in the kitchen. Pecan has a cool name Aleurites moluccana and can be encountered in the tropical region, one of Indonesia.

Related image

Hazelnut oil is a processed product of hazelnut. In addition to cooking as a seasoning, pecan also known as hair. But not only that, it turns hazelnut also has health benefits. Want to know what are the benefits of a hazelnut for health ? Chek it dot!

Pecan benefits to Treat Disease

  • treating Ulcers

For those of you who suffer from ulcers can be treated with hazelnut oil so as not to spread gets another. How, to prepare hazelnut oil, spinach leaves 15 pieces, four o’clock flower leaves 10 sheets and coconut oil. Mash until smooth and add all ingredients before hazelnut oil and coconut oil to taste.Then apply on the contained ulcers twice daily.

  • treating Diarrhea

If someone is suffering from diarrhea will often urinate accompanied perspiration cold, pale face, nausea, vomiting continued. If you like it, be treated immediately to avoid more severe one way to use the rod as much as 20 grams of hazelnut. Then puree and boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining half. Strain and drink the water while warm twice a day each – each 150 cc.

  • Treating Toothache

Toothache is an excruciating disease, to treat it you can use hazelnut sap smeared or dropped into the aching tooth as much as 3 droplets. Perform this way 3 times / week.

  • Overcoming Dysentery

Dysentery is a disease of the digestive tract that usually attacks infants to adults. To treat it can use 90 grams of pecan tree bark are boiled using 2 cups of water until the remaining half. Strain and drink the cooking water while warm.

In addition to some of the above diseases, it turns out according to a study hazelnut can prevent heart attacks and stroke. Not great pecan benefits for health? So, not only can be used as a cooking spice, nutmeg is also beneficial to health and beauty. 

Enlarge Breast surgery: Cost, Risk, and Processes

Breast augmentation surgery, including cosmetic surgery in the group. Through this operation, a woman can get breast implants to make their breasts bigger and fuller.

O Perasi this can be done for reconstructive reasons or repair, such as after a mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast) breast cancer, but can also be done for cosmetic reasons click here for more details

breast augmentation surgery

Two types of breast implants

Breast implants used for breast augmentation surgery, there are two types, namely saline and silicone. Typically, the implant is implanted just be left in the body for 10-15 years. When you’ve reached the end of the age, the implant must be replaced.

  • Saline implants are implants that use silicone pouches and  contain sterile salt water (saline).
  • Silicone implants are implants that use silicone pouches and  contain thick plastic gel (silicone).

Generally, many women use of silicone implants, because it feels more like a real breast than saline implants.However, silicone implants are more at risk for health that her implants ruptured.

In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) restrain the sale of silicone implants for security reasons.However, in 2006, after much research, the FDA approved silicone implants began certain to be back on the market.

Breast augmentation surgery costs how much?

To perform breast augmentation surgery, cost is certainly not little. What does it cost to implant breast implants depends on where they are located, the doctor, and also the type of implant used.

Because included in beauty treatments or cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation surgery and treatment, including the risk of diseases that could arise, are generally not included in the list of health insurance, so the cost becomes expensive.

In Indonesia alone, the cost of breast augmentation surgery on average starting from Rp20 million and above, as presented by dr. Irena Sakura Rini and cited

What is the minimum age for breast enlargement surgery?

Breasts will continue to grow and grow until a woman reaches the early 20s. Many doctors ruled that for breast enlargement surgery with saline implants, the age of the woman must reach at least 18 years. As for the use of silicone implants, women of at least 22 years of age.

What are the requirements that must be met before breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure that is very personal and you must do it for yourself, not for others.If you qualify under this, then you could be a candidate patient breast augmentation surgery.

  • You are physically fit.
  • Do you have realistic expectations.
  • You’ve finished growing breasts.
  • You are bothered by the feeling that your breasts are too small.
  • You are not happy with your breasts the lost shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss, or because of age.
  • You are not happy with the top of your breasts that do not stand out.
  • Your breasts are not symmetrical.
  • One or both of your breasts failed to develop normally or has an elongated shape.

How to choose the right plastic surgeon?

When you choose a surgeon for breast augmentation surgery, choose one that has a long experience. If you choose a surgeon who has 5 years experience in surgical training and at least 2 years of experience in plastic surgery, your risk of complications will be small.

Before the operation begins, you will meet with your surgeon for medical evaluation. You can say what you want and you will also get feedback from your doctor. The discussion also included the breast where they aim to address. So you’ll know where the scar will be generated.

Your surgeon may ask you to stop using certain medications for a few days or a few weeks before the operation begins.

How long does the process of breast augmentation surgery?

Usually surgery for breast augmentation with implants using general anesthesia, so you’ll fall asleep and not feel pain. The operating time of about 1-2 hours.

As with any surgical procedure to enlarge breasts?

Your surgeon will lacerate your breast skin at the site or the part you want addressed. But generally the surgeon will slice the bottom of the breast, forearm, or around your nipple. All depends on your body, the type of implant used, and how much magnification that will be done.

After the skin is slashed, the implant will be placed between the breast tissue and chest muscles, or in the back of your chest muscles. Once the implant is placed, the incision will be stitched and closed.

Usually the patient can immediately go home or can choose to stay overnight in the hospital. When you return home, you need to limit activity and avoid doing activities that used to heavy or tiring. You can go back as usual in the next 4-6 weeks.

After surgery, usually women are concerned see the shape of their breasts unnatural at first. However, it is normal and frequent. Your breasts normally look and feel better in a few months.

Recovery after breast augmentation surgery

Your breasts will be covered with gauze after surgery. Tube channels that are paired at you will be released within a few days. You will also be asked to use a special bra until you recover.

You will be asked not to go against you for a few days. Any activity that makes you have to lift heavy items are not allowed until 6 weeks after your surgery.

You can use painkillers such as acetaminophen to reduce your discomfort. Your doctor can also give you some prescription drugs for you. Swelling can also occur in the former area of operations, but it will disappear with the incision, as time goes by.

Complications that can occur as a result of breast augmentation surgery

If you decide to perform surgery to enlarge the breasts using implants, you should know from the beginning that the potential risks arising from these operations.

  • Infection or bleeding after surgery
  • There will be a scar
  • The shrinking of scar tissue around the implant
  • implant split
  • Implant wrinkling or pleated
  • Temporary or permanent changes in sensation of the nipple

How to Properly Watering Roses

Roses appreciate a lot of water. It helps them grow to their fullest and promote large, long-lasting interest in rich colors and thick sturdy petals. Roses assimilate food is good through the roots or leaves (foliar feeding). Water is the medium that transports nutrients roses.
Soil temperature and plants surrounding all affect how much water the roses will need during the growing season.

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Chihuly (floribunda)

In temperate climates, a weekly watering is usually sufficient. About 2 “of water a week (about 4-5 gallons) may be all that is needed. If the soil is sandy or park in areas with hot, dry or windy, more frequent watering may be required. Care must be taken in areas where the soil holds plenty of moisture for too plenty of water can promote root rot.

the root system is deep achieved by deep water, this will help roses to survive both drought and freezing winter. Watering lightly, in turn, will allow the rose establish roots very close to the surface, making plants more susceptible to the effects of too much heat in the summer or freezing in the winter.

Watering your roses early in the day and on the ground will help prevent diseases such as black spot. Wet foliage without excessive warmth of the day and the sun to dry the leaves can push and spread the disease. you can, however, about once a week to spray your rose bush with water. A spray nozzle attached to the hose will provide enough power to clean the leaves of dust, dirt, spider mites and other insects.

Knowing when to water is not too difficult. You can invest in the investigation of water, or just stick your finger into the soil. If it comes out completely dry, you may need to increase your watering. If it comes out muddy, which is an indication that there may be too much water or not enough drainage. Another indicator of watering too much yellowed leaves are tender. Yellowing leaves are dry and crunchy can show sufficient watering. If the soil moist, which will show that watering is just about right.

Mulching 2-3 “around the base of plants can help save up to 50% of water consumption. Mulching also helps in keeping the weeds down and the cold ground. It can lower the soil temperature by 10 to 20 degrees. There are many types of mulch on the market. you can buy some of the local nurseries or using what you might have on hand. newspapers either grated or by simply putting the sheets and land some over to anchor, will keep weeds at bay and moisture in the soil.

Some other things that are used as mulch sawdust (make sure that it has been aged a year using fresh can deplete your soil nitrogen), grass clippings (make sure there is no residual herbicide) compost, straw and horse manure either age (applied in late winter to early spring).